Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Stories to understand Reality

An insight that I have learnt from Jordan Peterson is that he uses stories to explain complex ideas.  As I find it hard to understand abstract ideas unless I have some frame to understand it and the best way to do that is through a narrative process that is within my frame of understanding.

I have been watching Westworld and Humans tv series and it has given me more depth to my understanding of reality.  So I come to a realisation of how stories, movies and songs have been an effective way to increase our understanding of our reality and pass on important information between groups and generations of people.

The main purpose of this post is to deconstruct my understanding of the kiksuya episode of Westworld. The episode follows the concept of us going through many lives and follows similar principles of reincarnation, but people living their lives without free will. Also brings in the concept of having soul mates. Kiksuya goes through many travels in search of meaning but it's only through death that he is able to see behind the door.  Once we are dead we won't have any frame of reference in that world so will be very confusing. My understanding now is the closest to be able to understand it is through psychedelic experiences mainly DMT.

I also understand that experiences around me seems to be nudging me towards an awakening. Still not sure what that means and if it's important.  After watching the second season of humans and seeing how synthetics are being awakened is groups. If we are represented as synthetics with no free will then who are our masters?

Anyway its fascinating to me that it's only through narratives that I am able to get a better understanding of what is happening around me.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ego and Identity

I am starting to believe that we are all connected in a collective consciousness similar to Jung's theory except that it's not just a species but with most living organisms. My rationale for this came about in the last few years when trying to understand what is consciousness

What differentiates us in the collective is our ego. The main reason I believe this is the stories when people take 5-Meo-DMT how they say its an ego death and they become one with the universe. Once they come down from their trip their ego starts to trick them about the trip and this reality.

I believe the ego's main function is individual seeking to be known and acknowledged. As long as there are you and me there is a singular perspective, Ego is individual. Identity is how we perceive other people perceiving us where ego is more how we want to be perceived by other people perceiving us. A lot of the anxiety that we face is when the perception that the ego has of us doesn't match the reality that we are facing.

Yesterday came to the realisation that if we live in a simulation the main purpose would be in social interaction with others and meeting the needs of the ego. This realisation arrived when I found that our multi-generational who lives together, no longer experiences things together as before. So now we are all in our own worlds with Tv, Netflix, ESPN or other apps on the phone. As it is a distraction from meeting the needs of our ego or meets our ego in virtual ways.

VR technology is becoming very advanced. I expect that in my lifetime, we will get VR experiences that are nearly indistinguishable from reality. Going forward I think one of the experience will be in acquiring physical social interactions.

Reminds me of why I thought people living in our village where much happier than us in the City. I now realise that they spend most of their time working together as a community and family. So their ego's are constantly being known and acknowledged. The ego's expectations were also not widely inflated by the environment.

So for me, the main purpose of ego is to put us in situations to get social acknowledgements where us to find the person playing you. Get to know your self.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Laurel and Yanny as an analogy of the perception of Trump

In my family unit and people that I know, I am the only one that supports Donald Trump. So this post will look at the arguments in changing the perception of Donald Trump.

The key to changing a person's outlook is to make sure that when they change their view it will not harm their ego.   Being associated with Trump's followers is a significant barrier to accepting a positive view of Trump. So the ego will not be able to handle facts that go against their view and will undoubtedly cause cognitive dissonance. If they are able to get over the effect of the ego then they will have to make the change themselves i.e Inception

How I would first start the argument is ask if they heard Yanni or Laurel in the famous sound clip. So the concept of being able to hear and see the same things but have a different interpretation of it is broached. Which means that we both can be looking at the same events concerning Trump but comprehend different outcomes.

I will need to argue Trump's case differently as the media has already changed the way we look his actions. So I will argue in terms of outcomes.  So I would ask the person to define what would be the positive outcomes of a president of the USA. Need to also compare those outcomes to past Presidents so their expectations are reasonable.

Usually, main issues for the public in determining a good president are economy, terrorism, foreign affairs, healthcare and immigration. Once they have set their outcomes of a good presidency I would then go in each of the areas and show how Trump is performing.

For example

  • Lowest unemployment rates for African Americans and Latinos in the 20 years
  • Dow Jones record highs
  • Consumer confidence is in 18 year high.
  • Median household income increased 3% and highest for last 50 years
  • Significant tax cuts
  • Increasing in manufacturing jobs
  • Better trade deals with China

  • ISIS has significantly been reduced
  • A policy of stopping wars in the middle east

Foreign Policy
  • A positive relationship with Saudia Arabia and Israel
  • Much more respected by Asian Countries
  • Peace between North Korea and South Korea
  • Negative relationship with Anglo and European countries

Health Care
  • Terminal patients have rights to access experimental drugs
  • Up to states to decide on marijuana
  • No real change

  • Tougher on illegal immigration
  • No real change as mainly just words

Even after going over facts their ego may still push them away or come up with an excuse for why the facts or outcomes are not important.

It is very hard to have a view that is significantly different to your peers and for most people, it's not worth the effort as they have a lot of other important distractions to be addressed. Especially if they will be looked at unfavourably by their peers to have this view.

I will not use the above to argue with my family and friends as I want them to be happy and if they want to be enlightened they can always come and argue with me.

In the end, the Trump phenonoman could just be a distraction for us for the real intentions of TPTB

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Journey So Far

I have spent a significant amount of time in the last few years trying to get my head around my reality.  The first question is why does understanding the meaning of life so important to me. I am not sure and through this process of writing, I should be able to get a better understanding of why I took this path.

What I have come to understand over the last few years. Different religions and self-help guides all seem to follow similar core concepts.  The key factor is that a belief in a method will have an effect on our reality. That effect does not seem to follow normal probability of expected outcomes.

The key factors are the belief in the methods and intent. Like the concept of the placebo effect in addressing ailments. So if all different religions have power in their beliefs there must be some other force in play.   My journey so far keeps leading me back to the importance of consciousness in forming our reality.

My understanding of reality keeps changing between different understanding. The mains ones are Tom Campbell big TOE theory, a holographic universe or a mash that I am still trying to discern.

Improving my Writing

I hardly post or write anymore but responded to a Jordan Peterson post on Reddit a few weeks ago. The post received a large number of positive responses. I did get a few negative comments asking if English was my native tongue as people found me hard to understand.

The main point being is if I follow what Jordan Peterson is saying I should be more precise in the way I communicate.  This means that I should practice more.

So I will be posting more on this blog and it should improve my writing skills.

I will also be testing a lot of grammar apps to see if they help in improving my communication. The first app to be tested is the Hemingway app.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Different Realities

Have been fascinated why so many people have different realities about what is actually happening around us. Especially the left who I was part of and am now am probably considered right wing which is strange to me as I still have my liberal beliefs.

Was just checking about epistemology philosophers because of the following cartoon

 This led me to the following youtube which talked about the word know and how it's in nearly all languages

The reason I am posting is that I had a revelation when thinking about the description of the differences between the words know and believe. I think a significant difference in the different realities is the people that don't have much belief in anything think that they know that certain faction is of a certain type. So get have actions on incorrect statements.

I am sure I need to flesh this out and this may be only part of the reason but need to document it before I lose the idea.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hieroglyphics memes and conciousness

Had a revelation today thinking how the two civilizations that seemed very locked into the different realms of consciousness used hieroglyphics as communication.

Through my research on consciousness, I keep coming back to Mayan and Egyptians. As have found that they were much more advance in traveling to other realms described in DMT trips.

The question I have been trying to answer is why people who use meme warfare have much more luck than normal people arguing on the internet. One of my main pillars of understanding reality is that language defines the way you can think and what you can think about. But the use of memes destroys that limitation which gives you more power in terms of communication and understanding. There is a significant amount of research on how visualizing techniques help in performance and am speculating that people who visualize using means affect our reality more them people arguing it verbally or in written format. Especially when the written word is limited to 140 characters

I find it interesting the more advanced that we see more people seem using memes and emojis in their communication. It's like moving away from written communication to visual communication.

Like who gets information from blogs now its alls seems to be from Twitter,  Reddit, youtube or facebook now.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Questions to be Answered

I have been on an amazing journey in the last few months and have answered a lot of questions that I have had. Part of the experience was meditating at beaches and at one of largest budhist temples in the southern hemisphere.  My growth was significantly mainly from Jordan Peterson and Thomas Cambell. I now understand how monks can easily be content in a life based on meditation or prayers.

The biggest question I had going into this year was why so many religions and beliefs work if only one religion is true. I have found a biological anwer which I feel has malleable answers that work for me.

Was meditating today thought about posting again and because I have started the kaizen technique of removing procrastination, so will twrite more frequently by doing small posts.

These are main questions that I will take up my pondering in the next stage of my journey.

How does the Schumann resonances affect collective conciousness and is the recorded changes over the last few years a sign of an ascending process?

What have been the main changes in conciousness that has occurred since 2012 ?

What is the physical cause of mandella affect?

What level in the heirarchy are the beings seen in DMT experience ?

Why is love so important when Monroe also said that parents love is used for energy.

Are the TPTB more focused on creating more emotional energy or power?

Am I going crazy?

If we do live in a artificial simulation would life be better if we just take the blue pill.

Jacobs ladders seems to imply reincarnation and removal of purgatory from bible effect on christianity.

Why are the civilizations based on abrahmic religions so dominant?

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Different Movies

Amazing how the attention of people are still focused on totally different areas and based on my understanding the Daily Kos crowd are still way off. We have totally different views of how Russia affected the US election and what are the biggest threats to society going forward.

So why are intelligent people so different in their understanding of the reality of major events that are happening around us.

I have been connected to the internet since the late eighties when was a regular reader on USENET. So one of my major skills is accessing information on the internet. Would easily meet the 10,000-hour rule. I have also moved between sources when I feel them match my world views or understanding of reality.  Now it seems most of my trusted sources seem to all has taken DMT or Psilocybin.  I also seem to get more meaning by looking into clouds. So I could be defined as having my head in the clouds

For me, the possible reasons could be for people not seeing what I can see

  • Its too much work to question what is being fed by MSM so keep with that narrative
  • Some people don't have the frame or tools to be able to discern what they read or see in front of them
  • Cognitive Dissonance is keeping people in the same frame of thought and so disregarding information that questions it.
  • Don't bite the hand the feeds you, like Cypher in Matrix rather live in fake world than reality
  • Our reality are based on Yin/Yan so there have to be opposite views and due to complexity it has become more noticeable now

For me, it's much worse than it ever has been before and spiraling even fast in how different we are. Personally, I think is something to do with our linked consciousness which I still have not been abel to discern.

Mindgamers Movie

Want to document stuff about the mindgamers movie as feel it has something important for me to distil but am still not sure what it is. It also builds on frames I am trying to get an understanding of consciousness and its link to quantum physics. I am more inclined to the idea that stories and movies are the best way to acquire frames to expand your consciousness so are watching films that I want more understanding off.

The film was not a good experience, I still don't get the plot and it wasn't an interesting experience but it was worth my time. I have now read that it's supposed to be a puzzle or us to work out. I find puzzles disturbing that's why don't do them or look for cheats in video games

The main ideas I want to flesh out of this movie are

  • What are the physics and origins of consciousness
  • The superposition principle
  • All matter is nothing but vibration until it collides with human consciousness
  • My mind only exists because another consciousness is observing me, and another observing that.
  • Infinite numbers of observers.  Or, there's just one overarching consciousness observing everything. The multiverse theory demands an infinite number of observers. My explanation requires only one.
  • There is no end to existence, merely an infinite shift to another reality. If you end this outcome, another will be forced into existence. So if we choose to collapse one reality, to bring it down, the other will be forced into existence. An extension of...The lovely Schrodinger.

I now have realized that the film was based on multiverse theory with an ability to be able to merge different realities to one that is optimal to the person controlling the possible outcomes through a quantum computer. I think I would have been more interested in a film based on how bringing other minds into reality by the observation of other consciousness and its all sourced from one consciousness.

I used to flip coins based on major decision based on multiverse theory as know based on our past we are biased to certain choices so if flip a coin better chance to a better outcome which I am living now. But I do worry about all the other realities that I would be suffering in like clones of Alfred in the film prestige

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 2017 Interesting Words

Going to include new words that have become aware of that I think will be an interesting tool to be used in discussions in the future will break it down by month

past tense: ameliorated; past participle: ameliorated
  1. make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

    "the reform did much to ameliorate living standards"

Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.Skeuomorphism is commonly used in many design fields, including user interface (UI) and Web design, architecture, ceramics and interior design.

chetana - unmanifest aspect of consciousness and energy 

feedback loop is a common and powerful tool when designing a control system. Feedback loops take the system output into consideration, which enables the system to adjust its performance to meet the desired output response

In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.

  1. relating to the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

    "what epistemological foundation is there for such an artificial discrimination?"

  1. 1.
    clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

    "her manifest charm and proven ability"

past tense: dematerialized; past participle: dematerialized
  1. become free of physical substance.
    • (in science fiction) disappear by means of some imagined technological process.

      "he watched the time machine dematerialize"
    • replace (physical records or certificates) with a paperless computerized system.

      "a dematerialized stock lending service"

The anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that observations of the Universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.

  1. perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience.

    "the phenomenal world"

The vardøger is a double who gets to your destination ahead of you, effectively announcing your imminent arrival. Stories typically include instances that are nearly déjà vu in substance, but in reverse, where a spirit with the subject's footsteps, voice, scent, or appearance and overall demeanor precedes them in a location or activity, resulting in witnesses believing they've seen or heard the actual person before the person physically arrives.

  1. regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence, especially as opposed to God or animals.

I Ching

  1. an ancient Chinese manual of divination based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang. It was included as one of the ‘five classics’ of Confucianism.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Broaden Understanding of Reality through new Words

This morning while contemplating hot to understand conciousness was thinking would not be able to do it with current tools so need to expand on it.

Early on in like I read a preface to a C++ book which said that language limits the way you think and what you can think about. Interesting today is the first time realised that object orientated programming is based on Bertrand Russell philosophies but that is another story.

So I had a revelation this morning that the english language does not have the required words to explain conciousness properly so will need to use either memes or words from other languages to get a better understanding. So this post I will continuelly update it with words and images that may help me to a better understanding of conciousness

Elohim -
Gods (plural), deities, angels, sacred beings/messengers.

Yhvh -
The Hebrew name of God (usually held to be unpronounceable, and/or too sacred to be uttered).

Avodah (עֲבוֹדָה)
Service – in the sense of both work and worship (thus work and worship being one act).

A practice or interaction of mutual forgiveness and restitution

An inviolable promise, a word of honour, to keep an oath.

Yilugnta (ይሉኝታ)
A feeling of obligation to consider and defer to the opinion of others (in a positive way).

Baraka (بركة)
Spiritual energy; ‘sanctifying power’.

Fanaa (فناء)
‘annihilation’ of the ego, leading to enlightenment and union with God.

Fitra (فطرة)
An innate purity and closeness to God.

Khalas (خلاص)
Something (e.g., a task) that is irrevocably done/over/finished (often with an implication of liberation/deliverance as a result)

Dreamtime; an ancestral period when the world was created.

To shed clothes to dance uninhibited.

Cooperative labour; working together for the common good.

Rén (仁)
Humanity, benevolence; the positive feeling enjoyed by a virtuous person through altruistic behaviour.

Yì (義)
Duty; justice; a moral disposition towards goodness.

Guān xì (關係)
A build-up of relationships and good social karma.

Tao (道)
All-powerful and pervasive power, path or way.

Wú (無)
Negative, void, nothingness, non-being; used in Buddhism to imply 'neither yes nor no'.

Dāntián (丹田)
Lit. energy centre; places in the body that are believed to be significant in the flow of qi; focal points for meditative exercises

Qì chang (氣場)
Energy field (e.g., between/surrounding multiple people).

Lit. 'to walk in the wind'; to go out into nature (e.g., the beach, or countryside), perhaps to clear one's head.

Consensus-based decision making

To think that someone deserves something (good); to feel happy for them getting it.

Angelic patience (i.e., great patience)

Lit ‘dream helper’; a spirit guide who appears in a dream/vision (e.g., providing a solution to a problem).

Akh (Ꜣḫ)
Thought/intellect; enduring soul; reanimated after death by the union of ba and ka

Justice and truth, order and equity; the foundational principle of ancient Egypt.

To understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.

Meditation and Breathing

My previous post was talking about using meditation to feel the now by using all of my known senses. I know feel that this approach must have a purpose in which I am still yet to articulate but feel true to me so must have value to me.

I have now realised that focusing on the breath is a way of getting into a state that removes all senses from awareness so the background noise can start to filter into our being or able to getting into a dream like state which is starting to manifest itself for me.

I am guessing the breath being so natural means it tricking my awareness and self to a sleep type state. Because when I am tired I do some breathing exercises using the mindful meditation and feel my tiredness go away. Which am guessing expands the blood brain barrier so removing melatonin which is what occurs in sleep as too much melatonin makes us, tired.