Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 2017 Interesting Words

Going to include new words that have become aware of that I think will be an interesting tool to be used in discussions in the future will break it down by month

past tense: ameliorated; past participle: ameliorated
  1. make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

    "the reform did much to ameliorate living standards"

Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.Skeuomorphism is commonly used in many design fields, including user interface (UI) and Web design, architecture, ceramics and interior design.

chetana - unmanifest aspect of consciousness and energy 

feedback loop is a common and powerful tool when designing a control system. Feedback loops take the system output into consideration, which enables the system to adjust its performance to meet the desired output response

In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a disturbance of memory, defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.

  1. relating to the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

    "what epistemological foundation is there for such an artificial discrimination?"

  1. 1.
    clear or obvious to the eye or mind.

    "her manifest charm and proven ability"

past tense: dematerialized; past participle: dematerialized
  1. become free of physical substance.
    • (in science fiction) disappear by means of some imagined technological process.

      "he watched the time machine dematerialize"
    • replace (physical records or certificates) with a paperless computerized system.

      "a dematerialized stock lending service"

The anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that observations of the Universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Broaden Understanding of Reality through new Words

This morning while contemplating hot to understand conciousness was thinking would not be able to do it with current tools so need to expand on it.

Early on in like I read a preface to a C++ book which said that language limits the way you think and what you can think about. Interesting today is the first time realised that object orientated programming is based on Bertrand Russell philosophies but that is another story.

So I had a revelation this morning that the english language does not have the required words to explain conciousness properly so will need to use either memes or words from other languages to get a better understanding. So this post I will continuelly update it with words and images that may help me to a better understanding of conciousness

Elohim -
Gods (plural), deities, angels, sacred beings/messengers.

Yhvh -
The Hebrew name of God (usually held to be unpronounceable, and/or too sacred to be uttered).

Avodah (עֲבוֹדָה)
Service – in the sense of both work and worship (thus work and worship being one act).

A practice or interaction of mutual forgiveness and restitution

An inviolable promise, a word of honour, to keep an oath.

Yilugnta (ይሉኝታ)
A feeling of obligation to consider and defer to the opinion of others (in a positive way).

Baraka (بركة)
Spiritual energy; ‘sanctifying power’.

Fanaa (فناء)
‘annihilation’ of the ego, leading to enlightenment and union with God.

Fitra (فطرة)
An innate purity and closeness to God.

Khalas (خلاص)
Something (e.g., a task) that is irrevocably done/over/finished (often with an implication of liberation/deliverance as a result)

Dreamtime; an ancestral period when the world was created.

To shed clothes to dance uninhibited.

Cooperative labour; working together for the common good.

Rén (仁)
Humanity, benevolence; the positive feeling enjoyed by a virtuous person through altruistic behaviour.

Yì (義)
Duty; justice; a moral disposition towards goodness.

Guān xì (關係)
A build-up of relationships and good social karma.

Tao (道)
All-powerful and pervasive power, path or way.

Wú (無)
Negative, void, nothingness, non-being; used in Buddhism to imply 'neither yes nor no'.

Dāntián (丹田)
Lit. energy centre; places in the body that are believed to be significant in the flow of qi; focal points for meditative exercises

Qì chang (氣場)
Energy field (e.g., between/surrounding multiple people).

Lit. 'to walk in the wind'; to go out into nature (e.g., the beach, or countryside), perhaps to clear one's head.

Consensus-based decision making

To think that someone deserves something (good); to feel happy for them getting it.

Angelic patience (i.e., great patience)

Lit ‘dream helper’; a spirit guide who appears in a dream/vision (e.g., providing a solution to a problem).

Akh (Ꜣḫ)
Thought/intellect; enduring soul; reanimated after death by the union of ba and ka

Justice and truth, order and equity; the foundational principle of ancient Egypt.

To understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.

Meditation and Breathing

My previous post was talking about using meditation to feel the now by using all of my known senses. I know feel that this approach must have a purpose in which I am still yet to articulate but feel true to me so must have value to me.

I have now realised that focusing on the breath is a way of getting into a state that removes all senses from awareness so the background noise can start to filter into our being or able to getting into a dream like state which is starting to manifest itself for me.

I am guessing the breath being so natural means it tricking my awareness and self to a sleep type state. Because when I am tired I do some breathing exercises using the mindful meditation and feel my tiredness go away. Which am guessing expands the blood brain barrier so removing melatonin which is what occurs in sleep as too much melatonin makes us, tired.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Meditation and the Senses

I have been meditating on and off for nearly one year. I follow the concept of mindfulness which is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment.

At first, it didn't feel right as thought meditating about issues in your life seemed like the logical thing to do but with further reading I realised that one of biggest issues I face is to be continually distracted. So no time to be bored and thinking about nothing. Also, there was good research on how mindful meditation helps cognition. Sometimes when meditating can actually feel my brain rewiring its neurons and thus expanding.

My understanding now if we are trying to get an understanding of the present moment we should be able to link into all our senses at the same time. I was originally taught the five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) but now know there are many others like temperature, balance, ph level, the position of limbs, orientation, time and biological senses. Even when looking at these senses you can break it down even further like for sound you can think about the pitch, timbre, and loudness. So there is plenty of feedback loops to lock into when doing mindful meditation. What I will be trying to do is trying to process as many senses as I can in one go so get a holistic feeling of myself when meditating.

My current understanding of how meditation changes our reality is also similar to prayer, affirmations and what I used to do which is just think about stuff very intensely. I feel that mindful meditation increase the power of how you can change your reality. Now there is science to back up that concept which is shown below

Which brings me why am writing again as I am on a path to understanding my reality and writing about it clarify my thoughts and expands my understanding of the topics. What I will be mainly looking at is consciousness

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Consciousness and Universe

Have been following a lot of Jordan Peterson and listened to the last discussion between Peterson and Harris which I didn't find very fulfilling. Based on my frame it seems that Peterson is on another level trying to give examples to Harris to understand what he is saying. Think the problem with me and Harris concepts is that I know that there are forces out there that we not able to comprehend and most of us can't see but we can see the outcomes of their actions. In my experience people who don't have the frame of understanding see these signs as coincidences.

Anyway back on topic so have been contemplating the meaning of life and found Scott Adams explanation interesting and seems to follow similar concepts of people who have taken DMT.  The idea that the older you get, the more you meld into the universe and become one. The more you lose yourself and care about the people around you.

To learn new concepts is very difficult especially if you have no frame around the concept. So after seeing Peterson realizes that the best way to teach new complicated concepts is to wrap them up in a story. A story is similar to a picture is a thousand words. Once you have a foundation and general idea of what happens in the story, next is to explain motivations of characters and meanings of the environment. Once we get an understanding of then get to explain the concept that the story is trying to teach. From there we should be able to see that concept in our environment

Issues I am having with my theory is that I still don't understand is that after death why some people are left behind and some people move on after death. Is it if you live a certain life you meld into the universe where others still play a role. My guess is the closer the person is to the egoless self the better chance they have of melding into consciousness while others have to be around and help people.

 If we are in a video game it would be programmed as each person is given a bar of how much they should do for themselves and how much they have to do for others. When they die whatever is left over they have fulfill that in the afterlife.

I also have an issue how all different types of religion have their own power and works from them. How can this be if one religion is true. When I did religion unit at Uni, I wanted to write a paper on how religion is like natural selection which means the strongest religions are the ones that are able to adapt to their surrounding. That was 30 years ago which means Muslim faith has become the strongest religion since then.

So this leads me today. Was waiting for my wife at Op-shop and thought to kill time would do some mindful meditation. Realised people around me thinking that I was crazy so though I might as well think about stuff that I have been contemplating.  The idea that the universe is a shared consciousness came to me.  Consciousness not as we know as covers all time too.

I think what I need to do is get all the anomalies that I understand may be true and fit an explanation around that. Like spirits, visions, dmt experiences, afterlifes of major religions, affirmations, prayer, sacrifices, empathy, So will be writing more as it seems clarify my thoughts and has better way to expand my frame of reference to expand my consciousness

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Increasing my Mental Capacity

I am in the process of getting myself in shape to work again. Because of my age I feel I need to increase my mental capacity so that I will be more confident in my abilities. One of those steps is to write a journal every night on what was actioned during the day. I felt it would be more beneficial to me if I made a blog post out of my journey so far.

Increasing my cognitive capacity has been an interesting journey. It started when I realised that I was getting tired all the time when doing my Mongodb course. I inferred that my mental tank had significantly diminished as I was continually getting tired after going through complicated training sessions.  This has led to a rabbit warren full of paths on techniques to increase mental capacity.

The main cognitive aids that I have incorporated into my daily routine are the following

Increased intake of omega-3 in terms of fish oil pills and one tin of tuna a day
Conscious of the need of taking L-tyrosine fortified food
Probiotics in the form of yakult but really should make cabbage juice
Take thiamine tables when brain starts to fog up

Mental Exercise
Mindful Meditation has many different benefits which I am still trying to confirm
dual n-back game to help with fluid intelligence

Physical Exercise
Yoga based exercises and physical activity that will get a sweat
Create a list of tasks to complete during the day in batches of three so can tick them off regurlarly to increase dopamine levels
Create a journal at end of the day to help in terms of spacing memory technique
Learn a new skills or concept to increase dopamine levels

Unconscious Activity
Good Sleep patterns and a nap during the day if I am tired or feel that have to much amyloid beta that is fogging my brain

The majority of my nearly forty steps in my daily routine are related to increasing my cognitive capacity. My assumption is that due to the neuroplasticity of the brain,  it will adapt when it is given rigourous mental exercises like how the body adapts to physical exercise and fasting.

So my strategy is that in building new brain muscles, I will need food to repair the muscles after the exercise and sleep/naps/meditation to rid the waste created by the mental exercises.

Seems rational to me, LOL. Anyway its working,  my brain physically feels better. Hopefully by the end of this exercise, I will have a job and be able to communicate how different I am now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why am I betting on MongoDB

I have started my journey of getting back into IT so am attending my first meetup of the three I am attending this week.  .  Its going to be a MongoDB meetup. I originally installed MongoDb a few years ago like I also installed MySQL before Oracle bought it. I was more impressed with MySQL at that time.

My key strength has alway been managing data.  So in the process of getting back, I wanted to do some MySql courses but the MongoDB courses at the Mongo University was free. So I went all in on MongoDB and successfully completed three 7 week courses which was a real struggle at the beginning.

So you can say that I am already invested in MongoDB but the reality is that I have always seemed to lucky in finding the relevant technology for me. The course at Mongo University was a great learning experience. Especially when I realised that this is the type of database and distributed systems that I needed when I first proposed to create artificual intelligence program for my final project at Uni.

I would not recommend MongoDB for storing and recording financial transactions but for me its very relevent for storinging information going forward. I think the actual competitor is Firebase

To me the main streingth of MongoDB is the dynamic schema and the way its stores data in JSON. Its more how we think and work. Information is key and use cases are changing rapidly. The ability for a data collection to change rapidly with the use cases has to be a significant advantage going forward. JSON is also key strength as I have never been able to get my head around XML but found JSON natural.

In 2000 I was trying to make Microsoft SQL Server Replication work. I ended up working a lot of late nights manually fixing the replication errors. The replication in Mongodb is built in and part of its core function. Another major positive for me is when there is a failure you have another working server, which is much more beneficial then restoring from backups

What amazes me the most though is the sharding over many different servers and ability to add servers when hitting thoroughput limits. This functionality is just perfect timing with the provisioning services from AWS and Google Cloud which makes adding a server so easy. It took me days to get my head around the concept of working using SSH/SCP with Google Cloud but once learnt that, I was able to use same concepts with AWS servers.

Anyway hopefully writing this article has given me enough clarity to be able to talk about MongoDb with some confidence. I am also now more confident in my choice.

Forgot to add one extra benefit is that its fun and intiuative working with MongoDB because the data feels natural and query also the same.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Affect of Cognitive Resources in learning complicated Skills

I have just completed three courses at Mongo University mainly on MongoDB and Node.js. In the process of studying, I kept on getting really tired and was continously looking for breaks, where the best being a 10 minute power nap. Near the end of the course it was getting easier to learn new things and then I started on the Mean Stack.  I chose to study the Mean Stack as it came free with Google Cloud and had Node.js which I learnt from the course just completed at Mongo University.

In my process of studying I came across the following youtube  on Cognitive Resources

This has totally change my outlook in learning news skills and way I am aproach learning complex concepts.

At an IT person one of our keys has always been the tools we use either the programming language or the IDE and frameworks. As the tools we use has a significant affect on meeting requirements of whatever project we are working on.  One tool that have never been aware of is congitive resources besides drinking a lot of coffee and being physicall fit assist codying.

I now realised that our brain is like a mana bar we have in  mmo games. The amount of mana you use is dependant on how complex and new the problem you are facing. So the reason I was getting tired so often was not because of boredem which I thought, but because of the effort my brain was trying to do in processing the new information. So my congnitive resources was being exausted without being refilled.

What is interesting to me is when I was addressing the learning through spatial means i.e Coggle (Mind map). I was not getting tired also it was hard for me to get tired when I was writing code. So for me the reading and visual processing of information was making me tired.

So to increase my Brain Tank, I kneed to address how my mental fitness has declined significantly so need to train it again and also build up the muscles in my brain.  I will write some new posts in my journey of getting mentally fit again but the main thing is that I have addressed my main barriers to learning and aknowledge that conginitive resources is a very important layer in my tools.

Reason I wrote this post to put in the details of the scaffolding I have already done with Cognitive Resources. Things that have I have learnt in writing this blog post.

  • Physically doing work is the same concept as warmdown in exercise in terms of getting rid of lactic acid and is reason why can do more complicated work for longer, so replentishing the tank
  • Process of writing a blog post does help in fleshing out details of new concepts
  • Scaffolding is very important to build understandings from
  • More tired I got when the the subject was more fuzzier and no scaffolds to attach too.

Monday, May 04, 2015

The Fight

Interesting weekend after watching the Manny vs Mayweather fight which was one of the best boxing performances I have seen. Usually I can pick a winner by the way they face each other in the ring and before that moment I was commentating how relaxed Manny was and stressed Mayweather was . Then they they faced each other and I was worried.

I have never followed Mayweather but have been following Manny so believed the hype going into the fight in that manny had a good chance and only started having doubts by the excellent breakdown by Paulie Malignaggi on  theGrantland boxing podcast. Also finding out that Mayweather had a five inch reach advantage and big height difference which was also significant. Reminded me of the Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson fight. So I didn't end up betting on the fight.

Some observations of the fight. First how people who invested their time in the Clippers vs Spurs game going overboard in justifying why it was better to be there.  Spurs never repeat and the Clippers wont make the Finals. So watching a a great performance that doesn't mean that much in the scheme of things. In ten years time will people be saying that they watched the 7th game of meaningless final or the last great boxing match of our century.

My father took me to my first boxing match when I was around 5 or 6 and I still remember it. A significant reason why the NFL does so well, is the violence in the sport and in my experience there is nothing more violent then being ringside at a boxing match. Its primal in us to watch gladiators face of each other for major rewards. My best fan experience in sports was watching the South Pacific games amateur boxing with a packed crowd who were totally in to it. I would bet that of all the millionaires and billionaires that was ringside a significant number would consider that fight as one of the best sporting experiences that they have been too. In my experience what makes a great sporting experience is mainly to do with the people that you are there with and the shared experience amplifies the sporting event.  Where else would you get moguls, athletes, singers, actors, gangsters and normal people sitting next to each other instead of their suites.

Okay something else that has been bothering me is issue of domestic violence and how that should stop people watching the fight. I find this so hypocritical that we complain about this issue when our countries support the bombing of families and children in the name of giving democracy to a nation or supporting Israel no matter what atrocities it does.  The violence that has occurred in the name of  collateral damage to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestinians would pale in comparison to what athletes have done.

I believe that there should be consequences for actions and we all live in a world with the ultimate consequence ends up being violent consequences in which examples are either the threat of being raped in jail, or violently apprehended, waiting to be droned in war, or smacked by your family or peers. Social ostracization  has lost its strength as a consequence with social media and the internet

Which brings me to the hypocritical nature of people supporting the mother in Baltimore for smacking her son but complain about domestic violence done by athletes.

So what do I believe, I believe that there is a disconnect between what we accept in terms of the violence done in our name in different countries and violence we accept in our community and at home. I hate seeing kids smacked or threatened with violence because parents are too lazy to go with the more suitable consequence. I don't accept a reasons for partners to be violent with each other unless its for defense. For me violent consequences are only needed if that is the best option in changing behavior for the common good for people and or countries.

Anyway a Really take, as just got upset in portrayal of how violence as an important factor in changing behavior for running a functional society and people trying to diminish its value with hypocritical arguments.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Charles Barkley and Analytics

Watched Charles Barkley view on Analytics saying that its crap and it doesn't work. I did my final year project on a horse handicap system to work out the chances of a horse based on different measurement factors. So of course I vehemently disagree with Barkley on this topic.

I used to like Barkley but this comment and him disparaging people who are interested in statistics is an attack on all of use who like to predict stuff based on past performance. I believe he is more intelligent then the comment so it doesn't make sense to me.

Barkley talks about talent but isn't talent defined by measured stats like losses, wins, defensive and offensive statistics. Those statistics against measured opposition.  All this stats have an effect can show how talented a player is, as I would take the top 10 players in Fantasy basketball over the bottom 10 players.

Based on my lens on basketball Barkley has become less relevant and I am guessing this is one of his last attempts of getting his name in lights again. Feel sorry that this has happened

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is deflate-gate a sign to tell us that we are experiencing deflation

The Superbowl has always been a very important day for me and it was usually the only period of the year I would ask for annual leave. One of the best holidays of my life was taking a two week break culminating in watching the Superbowl.

I supported the Seahawks last year because of Wilson, Lynch and Sherman. My second team in the finals is Ravens than Patriots so I am very happy with the Superbowl.

I read interesting analysis that shows that since the NFL changed the rules of home team choosing the balls, the Patriots have a fumble rate that is too good to be true. Having a deflated ball makes it so much easier to protect the ball from fumbling i.e try and knock out a pillow from someones hand

So I am guessing that the ball that patriots have been using for practice and on game day have all been deflated for many years. I am sure Brady and Belichick know this and Football gods have not let them win a Superbowl since change in rules of home teams choosing their own balls.

I have been following Martin Armstrong's predictions that worlds collapse will begin this year and one of the main factors of the collapse is deflation. The main indicators of deflation are commodity prices where biggest influence in our lives is the price of oil measured in petrodollars.

I don't believe in coincidences and live a lot of my life through signs around me. So on the same day that Brady/Belichik have media conferences on deflate-gate and the EU states that they will implement one trillion worth of quantitative easing. Hmmmmm

I think we have to take their arguments with a grain of salt especially the EU as I think the main reason for them is to tackle deflation

In the end its just another sign of lack of integrity/honesty and people in power thinking they can get away with stuff but reality then gets in the way.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Relationship between Oil price and US dollar

I am currently fascinated about affect of oil, peak oil and relationship between US dollar and price of oil. Hopefully by the end of this post I will have it sorted out in my Head.

My understanding of energy in our modern systems was in the terms of debt which is represented by dollar. But I have now come to the realization that the real energy in our systems is in fact energy where the energy from oil is the main ingredients and petrodollars is the main representation of that energy.

US dollar is more expensive because oil is more expensive to acquire in terms of energy commitments. My argument is that the US dollars will be more expensive vs other currencies because it reflects that the US Dollar is worth more because its harder to get energy through oil, not because of an oversupply of the product of oil.

To create energy you need energy just like in the human body. I  also going with the understanding that just before 2008 we reached a tipping point where creation of oil through real means reached a peak and we no longer able to create enough energy cheaply to supply to the expectations of the masses.

The US dollar is worth more because the amount of energy to extract oil has increased.

As the petrodollar is a representation of energy when QE was actioned, it meant US increased its virtual energy but that process follows the law of diminishing return. So the process of creating virtual energy has less affect each time QE is actioned. So the value of the dollar and oil will move to a more realistic value.

So the dollar is now more a reflection of how hard it is acquire energy to develop goods. This also means that to develop products they will have compete harder for a peace of energy pie. As a significant amount of that energy is being used to create new energy e.g Fracking or in complicated systems that are very inefficient in using the energy from the energy pie, some examples are education, healthcare, financial services, entertainment  and protection services. So these areas are sucking up significant parts of the energy pie that could be used in more productive areas of society

I am still not sold on what I have written but if it is true its means that we need to go back to community based solutions to address significant issues being faced and be able to accept that some people will have to suffer or adapt to survive. Currently based on expectations, the amount of energy needed to keep everyone happy is not sustainable.

Reread what have been writing and am still rambling but getting a better handle though of what oil/energy main role in our society and am very interested in how oil can be used as an analogy to human energy systems i.e ATP, Lactic Acid and Aerobic systems.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Drop in Oil Price 2015

Amazing its been nearly eight years since I started writing blogs a lot of things have changed since then the main one being the number of people that read blogs now.

Am really interested in why the price of oil has reduced so dramatically and usually I can get a good idea from my sources in the internet but their is no consensus so I thought will write something to consolidate my thoughts on the issue.

For me the world is shaped in petrodollars so when I comprehend about what is happening in the world, the main factor that influences my thinking is the petrodollar. Actions of Iraq and Libya and now Russia are more inline with defending petrodollar then whatever reasons are being touted.

My original feeling was that the drop was an attack on Russia, then I thought it was to do with supply and demand based on changing needs of society,  but I feel it has to be something to do with the decoupling of the petrodollar to reality.

In terms of supply there has been a drop of projected number of barrels needed per day as the IEA has forecasted around 20% drop in demand.In Fiji I remember that a large amount of our electricity was produced by oil and now have read that UK and China are setting records in renewable solutions for generating electricity. My gut feeling is that renewable solutions and peoples disposable income are having the biggest impact on the amount of oil needed.

If it is mainly to do with the petrodollar decoupling with reality. I need to first work out why the petrodollar function is so important in the reduction of prices. Dollar Notes need to be backed by something so that you know it can be redeemed. Originally the US dollar was backed by gold then then that changed in the seventies and it become oil from Saudi Arabia hence the name petrodollars.

There is also the influence of AIPAC type motives in a significant number of decisions being made and that factor is what to me has caused biggest issues in terms of keeping interest rates low and printing of dollars which has made Oil Producing nations look at alternatives to the Dollar.

Before oil producing nations sold their oil for dollars then they would use those dollars by purchasing US financial instruments e.g in 2012  there net effect of 248 billion of purchases but what is expected in 2014 is actually net effect of taking out around 8 billion dollars. So how can they be a petro dollar if the oil producing nations don't want to invest in the dollar.

My understanding is that the US dollar will be the last fiat currency to drop when there is a reset and that is why value of dollar is increasing.  So the drop in oil prices is not logical as I would think the value of the dollar would decrease and oil prices increase but the opposite has happened. So what is happening?.

QE printing for me is also done to meet the shortfall of what was being supplied by the oil producing countries  i.e. 500 billion in 2006 and bailout TPTB.

Following the silver and gold market has given me many examples of how the market is able to be manipulated. I have feeling of what is happening to the oil prices is last throes of the dollar being backed by a commodity as other nations start trading in their own currencies.

Goes back to conversation had with deputy of chine embassy who in 2009 told me they were moving away from US dollars to basket of Huan, Ruble and Eurpean currencies.

I am interested with Deputy of Russia saying that the manipulation can only last around six months then we will see what happens