Sunday, March 12, 2006

Explaining the Really Logo

Thought about creating a Really Logo and ended up with a seashell based logo. Then I saw a good cane frame in a Fiji calendar so thought that would be a good frame for a logo. Family voted on best logo, which was jordan, andrew and wendy liked the seashell logo by itself, while myself and my wife liked the logo with the frame. Like true dictator I changed the vote so that it based on weight and as myself and Bale are heavier then the kids the frame logo stays. Mum also thinks frame is to bright.

For me some things happen and I am not sure why until later and I will go with that excuse, for the Really Logo and why I called the blog Really.

I have a fascination with perception and reality so the frame shows my pacific window on reality. The hibiscus flower is usually worn in the pacific and means that the window is a alive. So readers are looking through my window on reality that is everchanging.

The seashells continues on the pacific theme and represents that reality has so many different parts that interect to make my understanding of things. What you wont be able to see is that all the sea shells are not photos but drawings so even though we can see the sea shells it is still only a representation of reality.

To make the Really Logo explanation even more complicated part of the frame was gimped(photoshoped) so what that represents is how I artificially represent my window to make it sound better to the people looking through the window.

The cane frame was taken from a mobile camera and a more realistic explanation could be that I thought it looked cool and because I spent more then three hours gimping the photo I am now biased that it should be included in the logo so justifying its existence.

For me one of the keys to management is the ability to see when something is not going to work and scrap the thinks you love, if that is what is causing the problem.


Anonymous peceliandwendy said...

George, your focus on the idea of 'perception' is interesting and you are turning in to a writer it seems, looking beyond the first impression or the usual view. I do this more and more, don't just take the first impression but add other dimensions. At the wedding reception last night we went to last night, I wasn't thinking of the loud music and bodies gyrating to the thumping beat, women all dressed in white as brides, guys smartened up - a request by the 'real' bride to make this a party to remember, but I thought about the location we were at - a former Catholic seminary turned into the Mansion Hotel, so there is some history and ghosts there!

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