Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Are some countries to young for Democracy

As Hamas is forming their government in Palestine, I was thinking are some countries to young for democracy. And thought of the analogy comparing the age a country can participate in democracy to the legal age of drinking.

My Background with Democracy
To give you some background I have been through elections in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and always follow the US elections. In Fiji there could be an argument that Fiji was not ready to have democratic elections by having 3 coups in the last twenty years.

In Fiji a significant portion of the vote is ruled by what race, religion and your chiefs party of choice

Legal Age of Drinking Analogy

In terms of Age of drinking analogy if you reduce the legal age of drinking then it will cause more problems as some kids are not mature enough to handle alchohol but if you increase the legal age limit. Then then those kids might look for a different fix, that in the end could be worse off for them and their family.

But all people are different as some people can handle alcohol when they were quite young, I was drinking since my early teens while others can’t ever handle drinking no matter how old they get. But a legal limit needs to be set.

I have got a feeling that Hamas and some other middle eastern countries may be to immature to handle their democratic responsibilities but you never know and I would rather them go down the path of democracy then look at other alternatives.

The best aspect of democracy in Fiji is increased levels of transparency, accountability, moderation and having to abide by Global Standards. So even though a significant number of people don’t vote on the best candidate in the end it is better then not having a vote at all.


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