Monday, February 20, 2006

Creating an Animated Gif for Blog Banners.

I am now four days into Blogexplosion and so thought I might try creating a Banner. I didn’t want a static banner as it pretty hard to get someones attention with a static picture. We are built to pick up movement so a moving image can distract a surfer compared to a static image

So yesterday I looked for a place online that could create animated adds and found one at It was very easy to use and I just followed the instructions. I ended up creating a monkey banner which is shown below.

The problem with the above banner is that it has the add for Addesigner on the Banner. So today I downloaded some software to create a manual animated gif. The experience was a nightmare as the majority of shareware software include the adds in the banner. I ended up using the open source software gimp. I use a lot of open source software and this must be one of the hardest to use as just getting simple text in one of the layers of the GIF is complicated. I found the storm animation and then added the text. The following is what I created using Gimp.

By making banners and taking part on BOB means that all traces of postiphobia is nearly gone.

In terms of number of hits from the Banner I am getting less then 1 percent, but its my first banner. Also the second banner supposed to have black background but not sure if that is the way its being displayed.


Blogger Ben said...

My experience agrees with yours. My particularly crappy banner, which you can view here, after 5512 impressions currently has a click-thru % of 0.76%, and falling. In fact the % has been slowly falling since day one.

12:33 am  
Anonymous George said...

For me the banners that seem to get my attention are the ones with partial faces that are only showing eyes.

It must be something inbuilt that our radars picks up people looking at us

10:16 am  
Anonymous Humor Me said...

More banner image & clipart generators:

12:47 pm  

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