Friday, February 17, 2006

New Abu Ghraib photographs pushes Mohammed Cartoons of Front Page

It is interesting the timing of the publishing of the new Abu Ghraib photographs. If you like getting into conspiracy theories which I do, then I would say it was used as a tactic to move the stories of the Mohammed Cartoons of the front page and confuse the Middle East Anger.

What I would bet on, is that the publishing of the Abu Ghraib photographs is good timing as it has been widely known that these photos were just waiting to be published. So the negative reaction cant be much worse then what is happening with the Mohammed cartoons. I think the gang in the middle east are getting all outraged out.

An example is when you were a kid and about to be disciplined by your parents, that might be also a good time to time to bring up other things you know that will be found out.


Anonymous otilius said...

to confuse the confused? now, that's some trick...

8:22 am  
Anonymous George said...

Looks like I was wrong about the distract conspiracy as Middle East is still focusing on the cartoon ie Italian embassy attack in Libya.

My son keeps on asking why on BBC they are still talking about cartoons.

11:04 am  

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