Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Measure Map vs Extreme Tracker vs Sitemeter

In the latest Google Blog it talks about how Google has just included Measure Map in its team. My understanding of Measure Map is that it enables bloggers to view the habits of their audience and how they interect with the punters blog

I have not been able to get on Google Analytics so have been using Extreme Tracker and Sitemeter to try and understand my Blogger Traffic. Now one of my favourite pastimes is to see how many people have connected to the Blog, What they are viewing and what activities increase or decrease the chances of people visiting the site.

Currently Extreme tracker is at least 12 hours late in updating its statistics. Extreme tracker has better history information but in terms of Real time statistics Sitemeter is more useful.

My wish list for understanding my blog viewers are
  • Where did the visitors come from and if appropriate what was the search query
  • History of keywords being used by date range criterias
  • Record of each page visited by whom and the time on that page
  • Percentage of pages read for the day and also counts of pages read
  • History of Entry and Exit pages by date range criterias
  • Any comments that have been added and on which page and be able to view all comment by a particular visitor
  • History of Visitors by date range criterias
  • Which posts has not been indexed by Search Engines
I have signed up for Measure Map and hopefully I can get on it. Also bloggers at Babasiga were asking for a web counter for their blog. I think Measure Map will exceed their expectations.

So in terms of who wins the battle between Measure Map, Extreme Tracker and Sitemeter this can be determined once I have access to Measure Map


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