Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Xgames influence on 2006 Winter Olypics

It is interesting to see how winter xgames has influenced the 2006 Winter Olypics were as the Summer Xgames has limited influence.

Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White was getting a significant amount of coverage for his grabbing gold medal in the half-pipe event in the Winter Olympics. Shaun White has become an x-games legend by also being competitive in the Summer Xgames vert.

When Google includes the half-pipe in its image for the Winter Olympics you know that Xgame events are now part of mainstream. My favourite winter xgame is snowboardcross and that is now part of 2006 Winter Olypics

Last week I watched a good DVD called “Lords of Dogtown” which chronicled the main players in extreme skateboarding. Skateboaders have always been the foundation of Xgames. I was hooked after the first xgames when tony hawk skated into the sea. But my favourite event eco-challenge was banned after the first xgames. I think a few of the participants nearly died.

I am not sure why Xgames have gone outside my radar in the last few years but it will interesting to see when skateboarding will be part of Summer Olympics


Anonymous George said...

Seth Wescott wins gold in snowboardcross. He got in my radar last week in winter x but major props for Jacobellis who crashed when doing a grab move on the last mound. True Xgames spirit.

Snowboardcross, for the uninitiated, is a slopeside hybrid of motocross and short-track speed skating, pack racing at its hairiest. Four boarders ride down a twisting, jump-filled course, and the first one down wins.

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