Saturday, February 11, 2006

effects of caffeine nap

I have just nearly spent nine yours of driving to pick up my wife from the airport after she has just returned from New Zealand.

As my trip started at 5am in the morning to stay awake I drank a can of mocha, iced coffee from a coffee shop at the airport, mcdonalds coke, listening to fast music, open windows and ended up rubbing ice cubes over me. But there was one point where I dozed for half a second which was pretty dangerous.

I found the following how to take a caffeine nap from digg and so researched some more information which is

The research on selected motorways and trunk roads [in Britain] shows that:

  • 17% of road crashes resulting in any injury or death were sleep related;

  • One quarter of all road crashes that caused death or serious injury were sleep related;

  • 85% of drivers causing sleep related crashes were men;

  • 67% of sleep related crashes were caused by car drivers and 32% were caused by drivers of good vehicles;

  • While road crashes occur mostly on Fridays, these sleep related crashes occurred least on Fridays and mostly on Mondays.

To avoid the dangers of driving tired, the recommendations are

  • On long journeys, plan your trip to include a 15-minute break every two hours;

  • Stopping in a safe place (not the hard shoulder of the motorway) and drinking two cups of coffee or a high caffeine drink, followed by a 15 minute nap (while the caffeine kicks in) is an effective way of combating tiredness. It will make very little difference to your journey time;

  • Don't start your journey tired. Be aware of the risks if you get up unusually early to start your trip, or have a long drive back at the end of your holiday;

  • If you're feeling sleepy, opening the window for cold air or turning up the radio are of very limited benefit and sufficient only while trying to find a safe place for a break.

I just learnt the effects of caffeine nap today so will see what happens the next time I have a long trip. It seems logical tough first you take a power nap and drink caffeine which also is good for keeping alert.

Interesting though on the roads of Fiji there a fresh coconuts on the road for sale. Drinking the juice from a cocunut was more effective then caffeine.


Blogger Jake Silver said...

george, i hope you get to keep blogging. i don't know why, but in the four months i've been into Blogs, you still have my favorite blog. it's just so... random. i mean, i understand why. you are trying to cover a wide range of topics in order to get visitors to come by. but it ends up being this fascinating Warholian experiment. maybe a book publisher with a good sense of the unusual would make "really?" into a book. Also, the caffeine nap... i plan to drive our Honor Guard flight in a van for a few hours there and back today and... whew! these days with the kidd-O I feel tired a lot.

12:37 am  
Anonymous watcher in oz said...

Good to hear that your wife got back safely from her trip to the big bad world of Auckland! Ha ha.
We're off to Melbourne now for the Fijian church service. Do your remember Richard Franklin from Easter camp days? He's a minister now and is with our lot for three months. A nice guy. He was chaplain at Geelong College for a while but the kids and their worldliness got him down!
Re the caffeine - more than four coffees a day aren't very good actually but I can understand the need to keep alert on that road to Nadi with cows, horses and goats sometimes roaming here and there, and some of those taxi drivers and van drivers just have a suicide wish!
Take it easy and do make those pizzas for the kids occasionally!

11:30 am  

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