Monday, February 06, 2006

View Superbowl XL Commercials from Google Video

Google Video has created a page for viewing superbowl xl commercials and its also discussed in Googles blog

Something we dont get in the pacific is the ability to watch the superbowl adds. As we get the local adds from whatever tv station that has the superbowl feed. So this year will be the first superbowl for me to actually see the adds due to my home internet connection.

Good to see Google Video doing something that i would use but I wonder how much of the hardware effecting publishing the commercials could have been used to stop the blogger meltdown over the weekend.

My favourite Superbowl ads from google videos page are

Budweiser commercials – Secret Fridge, Hidden Bud and Wave. I am guessing the are using the superbowl for brand awareness as only the Wave ad would want me to drink it.

Hummer Monsters so politically incorrect which just fits for the type of people that buys hummers. Is that a generalisation or what!!.

Full throttle add started off well but what was the ending.

Touch Football Add, Ending was so strong that I forgot the name of the product.

Fabian Add was pretty good first didnt expect the ending and would be valuable for nationwide as it got me thinking about what I should being doing for my future.

Not sure about the Diet Pepsi ad but I don’t drink diet coke so wouldn’t be in their demographic. (Have to support the sugar industry).


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