Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Monday

The two weeks are over now the Superbowl is On. In Fiji as we are a day ahead from US time so the superbowl is played on a Monday. If its on TV then I usually take a day off to watch it.

I wanted Pittsburgh and Seahawks to make the Superbowl as both teams had a large number of pacific islanders and now its their opportunity to shine.

Its two weeks and I still havent got a gut feeling of who is going to win. So I wouldnt bet on any of the teams and but I am going to be supporting Seahawks because of Lofa Tatupu.

The main factors for the Superbowl are
  • Pittsburgh seems to be a team of destiny with all the breaks happening for them but was their karma to take bettis home or to win the Superbowl
  • I think tatupu's defense is going to handle Pittburghs offense
  • My take on hasselback is that he should be able to handle the pressure better then Roethlisburger
  • Pittsburgh should be the favourite because they beat the colts who was the best team in the NFL
  • Currently it is very cold in Detroit but the game is being played indoors which is an advantage to the Seahawks
  • Usually Pittburgh plays well on the Road and Seahawks don't
  • Beside being in the superbowl the are both very motivated with one being "do it for Bettis" while the other is "listen to the mountain"
  • If Troy Polamalu is not 100% then I would bet for the seahawks

Okay have just read Clayton's latest article. John Clayton besides being a good ESPN reporter was a beat writer in Pittsburgh and also Tacoma. So I am going to pick the Seattle Seahawks to win the Superbowl and hopefully the karma, was for getting bettis to the Superbowl not winning it

Looking forward to the game.


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