Wednesday, February 01, 2006

PTI - John Riggins

On Pardon the Interruption the interview was with John Riggins the legendary Running Back of Washington Redskins. I have already blogged about Nick Goings being the only white running back that is currently in the NFL. John Riggins and Franco Harris were the ones I read about in old Sport Illustrated Magazines.

So amazingly this was the first time I have seen John Riggins in an interview. I am really interested in Riggins from his stories and reminds me of LT (Lawrence Taylor) Stories. Interviewed like an old boxer which was expected and was very fresh and genuine.

Riggins main points was how Running backs are lower in the salary range compared to in his day. Motivation for the Steelers wont be Bettis come game time and he thinks Pittsburgh will win because the steelers will make Alexander afraid. His analogy was make the stove so hot that Alexander will be afraid to touch it.

I hope the PTI crew interview him again as from getting past comments about what he has said, he usually knows what he is talking about which to me is more important then the delivery

My take on the reduced value of runningback are
  • Defenses are stronger in defending the run
  • Rules have moved away from Runnning back and more to helping wide received eg Holding in the offensive line and new bump and run laws for corners
  • Using platoons of Running back so moving away from one team one running back
  • Offensive lines play has a more significant effect on Running backs yardage
  • Easier to find a running back in the lower rounds of the draft
  • Defensive players are getting bigger and stronger so causing more damage to Running backs.

On the topic of Talking Heads there are now two shows this week on around the horn where the guy making the most sense is the first one that goes out.

In defense of ja adande he stated that Bettis is more valuable then Alexander in the Superbowl.

My take
  • Nearly every Steelers player wore the jersey on the team flight Monday and throughout their first day in Michigan.
  • Maurice Morris did a good Shaun Alexander impersanation in the Redskins games.
  • Its going to depend on how Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Hasselback handle the beatings they are going to get
  • Steelers nearly cryin when saying how the wanted to win for Bettis. In my expereince there is nothing like wanting to do something for someone you care about


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