Monday, January 30, 2006

Robot to Replace Receptionists

I have just wrote about jobs in the future without taking into consideration the effect of Robots in the Future. As the following link says how a new robot has been developed in Japan that can be used as a Receptionist.

To me the factor of robots really comes down to cost and service. If the cost factor has been addressed then it will depend on the service as I know a lot of people that wont leave the names on answering machines and I expect interacting with a Robot would be worse for these people

I predicted in 2000 that within 20 years Robots would be so sophisticated that they would be able to win the World Cup Soccer Final. This milestone is another step in meeting that prediction.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

Robots - scary stuff!
Don't like humans being replaced by anything technical except to take drudgery out of life - dishwashing, house-cleaning! So certainly not receptionists. A human face is much more valuable! I hate answering machines for a start.
I'm reading Prey by Michael Crichton, not my usual kind of book, too much techno jargon, but it's about using computer technology with nanotechnology to create swarms that eventually can 'think' and then track down people as prey! Horrible thought!
The world is going mad when science takes over too much such as some kinds of genetic research which may cause greater harm.

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