Saturday, January 28, 2006

PTI – Houston Texans Gary Kubiak

On pardon the interruption Texans Gary Kubiak was interviewed. Gary Kubiak is the new Head Coach of the Houston Texans.

The interview was a standard affair were he stated that their will be a three month process to evaluate the draft choice between Young and Bush which is a separte process to the evaluation process of the whole team

Don’t take anything from his comment that he thinks David Carr could be one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL.

Interesting that he still call Callahan his boss.

I have got a feeling that Gary Kubiak will do well with Vince Young as his quarterback

Kubiak is not going to worry about what the Houston Public think about who they are going to draft. Sometimes I think people forget that NFL is a business

My take after the interview is by keeping the meme alive that Texans are going to take Bush it will give them an opportunity to trade down and still take Young. I think Tennesee is the best candidate but what about the saints.

As Dr. Z regularly says don’t trust what information that comes out of NFL teams concerning drafts.

Talking heads are saying that because Kubiak has a good record with Running back he will choose Bush wouldn’t that mean that he can improve any running back.

M experience is in management is about adding extra value. You look at you strengths and weaknesses based on what you are trying to achieve and see where you can add value to your weaknesses.

I am guessing that Houston real needs are not in Quarterback and Running Back but it is hard to give up on the opportunity of Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Matt Lienart.




YARDS: 1,920, TD/INT: 14/17, RATING: 70.6

Kubiak was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the eighth round of the 1983 NFL draft was a backup quarterback behind John Elway for nine seasons. He returned to his alma mater Texas A&M to coach running backs for two years and joined the San Francisco 49ers as their quarterbacks coach in 1994. In 1995, he joined Mike Shanahan's staff at Denver as the offensive coordinator, and helped the team win two Super Bowls in 1997 and '98.

2005: Directed by Kubiak, Denver finished the regular season with the NFL's fifth best offense, averaging 360.4 yards per game. The Broncos possessed the NFL's second best rushing offense at 158.7 yards per game, an attack that was spearheaded by the running back duo of Mike Anderson (1,014 yards) and Tatum Bell (921 yards). Denver was ranked seventh in scoring among all NFL teams with 24.7 points per game.

2004: Under Kubiak's guidance, Denver quarterback Jake Plummer set a franchise single-season record with 4,089 passing yards tied Denver's record for most touchdown passes in a season with 27. The Broncos' offensive line set a team record for fewest sacks (15) in a season and running back Reuben Droughns rushed for 1,240 yards.
2003: Denver's rushing attack ranked second in the NFL and its offense finished seventh in the league. Center Tom Nalen earned his fifth trip to the Pro Bowl, and running back Clinton Portis rushed for 1,591 yards and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl. Portis rushed for 1,591 yards and earned his first trip to the Pro Bowl.


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