Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is Google News eating into Google Search and can it address the RSS feeds threat

Before blogging Google News was my most used Google tool. Nothing beats reading fresh news from good news sources. For me unless you are researching a subject there was no alternative to Google News. Google News evens includes our local paper The Fiji Times.

I am guessing that first Google News was eating into Google search traffic and now RSS news feeds are eating into Google News Traffic. Unless another tool comes up I can’t see Google news getting its market share back from RSS. Nothing beats the ability to be able to quickly access your own customised news fees. I think Personalise Search includes recommended news which I think addresses this but for me it seems longer to use Personalise Google

I am an Information Junky but I am getting to much information a notification message from my RSS feeds keep popping on my computer about a new disaster/tool/incident etc. etc. Its got to a point that I am actually reading less news and focusing more on blogging

So the latest Google Blog mentions how Google News is out of Beta. I always thought Google News was in Beta due to copyright issues from the papers so either copyright factor is not an issue, has been resolved or Google will take the risk without the copyright issue being resolved

On the Government vs Google issue where government wants Googles search records but google is refusing.
Last week on a different blog I had a questionable search that involved kids. I am not even sure why I got a hit because the most offensive word was not in the blog. I have two boys so was quite disgusted to be part of something like that and tried to email Yahoo the IP address of the offending searcher.

I understands Googles point it needs to show that users searches are confidential. I know I wouldn’t want some of my searches available. Especially to US Government. This is really a choice between two evils


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