Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just in time visa application

Yesterday I took the day off in the hope of enabling my wife travel to New Zealand for a wedding today. My wife applied for a Visa to travel to Auckland New Zealand last year in early December for herself, cousin, nephew and Aunty.

So for the last weeks they have been stressed in not being sure if they could make the weeding. To make it worse besides being the mother and sister of the bride they had the traditional costume for the bride.

So it all came to a head yesterday morning when we went to the New Zealand embassy luckily the four Visa's was ready. We then bought airplane tickets at Freedom Air,purchased part of the brides costumes and then I had to drive a three hour trip to Nadi Airport to catch the plane. Jordan and Eparama had to catch the bus themselves as their was no room Rav4, which would have been a good learning experience for them.

Bale will be away for at least one month and because I wasn't sure she would be gone it was a pretty bad way to go. So no proper farewell. I didnt want to drive home at night so me and the kids spent the night at my sister in laws (Sala) flat.

Next morning I dropped Sala at the at lautoka warf so she could catch the boat to Vomo Island. Vomo is a luxury resort in Fiji which from what I understand bill and melinda gates had their honeymoon at. Vomo Island is one of the better resorts like vatulele, turtle island and wakaya.

After dropping Sala we ended up driving back to Suva another four hour trip and now myself, Eparama, Jordan and Andrew have to fend for ourselves. Bale called and said everything went well with the wedding. So thanks to the New Zealand Embassy for the just in time visa, Freedom Air for having seat available and my family to stay calm while I was freaking out.

We have just finised the first dinner I cooked which was eagle boys pizza. 29 more days to go before Bale comes back.


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