Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Isiah Thomas Threatens Bill Simmons on Stephen A Smith Radio Show.

In the latest Bill Simmons cowbell it is about how Isiah Thomas threatens bill Simmons on Stephan A Smith Radio show.

Isiah Thomas is an ex Detroit Pistons NBA player is currently the manager of the New York Nicks. Isiah would be in the top 5 NBA point guards of all time

To make it worse Isiah Thomas threatened Simmons on Martin Luther King day. This incident shows the influence of Bill Simmons which is a good thing.

Excellent article and shows why I like Simmons in that he is not afraid to speak the truth {except for ESPN workers}

A good response by Simmons as I didn’t realise how Isiah Thomas is also wrecking the future of the Knicks team by trading away all their number one draft picks. I still think Larry Brown will turn this team around despite the influence of thomas.

It states that Stephen Smith doesn’t know who the sports guy is. In past Sports Guy articles, Simmons uses his father as a vehicle to complain about Stephan A Smith. That is something he can't go out and do himself as Smith is a employee at ESPN.

By Smith guising Simmons it means that Simmons has got to him. I cannot accept that Smith a Philadelphia sports writer doesn’t know who the most viewed sports writer is at ESPN. I have also got a feeling that the PTI crew can’t also handle the Sports Guys popularity

Stephen A. Smith's used to have good things to say but now his tactic is to
  • Give his two second pose(Growl) when the camera hits him
  • Yell in the camera,
  • Talk about all the people that he know and the inside information he receives

The question that was being debated between smith and isaih was there are not enough black sports writers/presenters. I am not sure about that, I would argue that Black presenters in ESPN, are over represented in terms of population. What they don’t have are many Hispanic or Asian presenters.

ESPN needs replace commentators like Mark May who stated that the current USC team could have beaten the 2001 Miami team. But I suppose Whitlock one of my favourite writers once said that “Lance Armstrong is not an athlete” so I should give May some slack.

Update I
Bill Simmons wrote more about the isiah thomas threat with a transcript of the interview. I dont think Isiah realises how many people follow Simmons. Because Simmons writes like one of us, it like he is threatening one of our friends. Very bad move.

I have also included his latest playoff picks which shows that he is getting back his mojo in writing but not picking winners.

Update II
Isiah Thomas sued for sexual harassment. Readers of this blog KnoW my feelings of karma and this is just another classic example of Bad karma after dissing the best US sportS writer.


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Simmons gets revenge on Isiah and posterizes him!

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