Monday, January 16, 2006

NFL Playoff - Steelers roll on

What a disappointing loss for the Colts. I watched the first half then had to go for an important meeting otherwise I would have taken leave today to watch the game. I wanted Jerome Bettis finish off his career at the Detroit Superbowl but was supporting the Indianapolous Colts. I have already posted on how it would have been a good bet for the under in the the Colts first game back from the break.

Manning has valid point in blaming the colts offensive line as they let through 5 sacks. But I actually blame the coaching for not playing the main teams in the last two games of the year.

Willie Parker runs at a different speed then other running backs. Currently I can't see how Denver is going to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What worried me about predicting the Patriots vs Denver Game. Was that Patriots should have been favourites and they are a popular team. So if Vegas picks against the patriots, there must be factor of making the denver favourites that was outside my radar.

Patriots were the better team and I think it just wasnt there night. What worried me was when they said now brady is much more of a leader and he shows it to his teammates. Belickiek team is that they have a large number of leaders and it seemed that the team wasnt united as usual. Interesting that the two most experienced playoff quarterbacks lost.

I was really happy the Denver won as I didnt want the patriots to face the colts!!. Probably my best win of the year especially after a few heineken.But is Jake the snake for real. That fourth down pass at the end zone was one of the best examples of bad play calling.

Happy that Tatupu led all tacklers in the Washington Seatle game but I am losing hope in Seahawks beating Carolina.

Carolina scored too many points and that was the difference!!. Steve Smith is a legend please Seahawks dont diss Steve Smith.

Which is more rarer a 5 ft 11 Samoan linebacker or a white running back. I am going to have trouble choosing which team to root for.


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