Saturday, January 14, 2006

Skip Bayless on Vince Young

As ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Mel Kiper, saying the Texans will take Bush Skip Bayless writes a good article comparing vince young to Jordan. I talked my brother into naming my oldest son Jordan so I have high regard for Michael Jordan. I believe Young has Jordan's potential something I would never have said for Vick, Kobe and Lebron.

From skips article the point that Texans owners sons both went to Texas Longhorns has confirmed the choice for me. Choosing Bush is just ESPN trying to drum up contraversy. Owners rarely go againt the fans of their town but even more rarely would they pick against they sons. Especially football owner Bob McNair.

My main arguments for Houston Taking Vince Young

  • Houston Native with first pick potential. Would San Francisco 49ers pick alex smith over vince young
  • Best performance in a national championship against nfl type players
  • Espn college game day crew all chose Young as number one
  • X factor in terms of leadership and belief
  • LaDainian Tomlinson who I consider the best running back in the NFL is not in the playoffs
  • David Carr is not a winner
  • New orleans saints will probably pick leinart which means Tennasee titans will pick Young. Same division as the texans!!
  • LenDale White may have more rushing yards then Bush in the NFL
  • Texas owners two sons went to Texas Longhorns


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