Friday, January 13, 2006

PTI - Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers

Steve smith of the Carolina panther was interviewed by the Pardon Interruption Crew. He was always been outside my radar. I just always known him as a good fantasy player and a person that you don’t diss. It was a really good interview in that he is honest in that he can get extra motivation by comments from other people. He reminded wilbourn why he didn’t vote for him and asked for his photo to be included in PTI set. I especially like the comment how he is happy just to be playing in the NFL.

Its going to be hard to pick a winner between the panther and the bears. But I am a bears fan from the mcahon, payton, singletary and especially the refrigerator

Got to see the picture of Houston’s GM in role play now I have an image for my agro. Can someone please give me a good reason why Reggie Bush is better then Vince Young.

Good point by goose in terms of H-O-F voters, the old ones can’t remember how they played and the new ones can use the internet to compare the stat against players of that period.

I can’t see why closers are not in the hall. How important was Mariona raviro of the new york Yankees. I don’t know why this upsets me there are just to many voters who are generation old school.

Duke is on pace to beat their record of 17 in a row. Rooting for duke is like rooting for the house in Black Jack. I also saw that pittsnoggle is still playing in college I watched all the final four games last year which was great basketball.

I have given up on my fantasy basketball team after losing Artest, Yao ming and Andrew Bogut performance.

Utah pick reminds me of how I was totally off on Alex smith. I watched Smith’s last bowl game and he performed well. What was underated in that utah team though were the samoans in the defensive and offensive lines.

New York is on a five win streak. I would bet on them making the finals. I mentioned earlier how I like their rookies but it seems their veterans are leading the way. The basketball IQ of teams have really regressed in the last ten years and was proven in the last Olympics. So if a coach can instill structured team basketball they have a good chance of beating teams that play and1 basketball.

Insteresting I have seen a lot of and1 clothing in Fiji. What has happened to the professor?

A good read by the sports guy bill simmonns on identifying a bad basketball coach.


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