Thursday, January 12, 2006

Studies say trees produce methane so question replanting trees

Currently there is environment meeting in Australia so I think BBC is looking for environmental stories. The current story being given airplay is research has shown that trees produce methane so some scientist are questioning the strategy of replanting trees.

Reminds me of the research saying that smoking is good for you. I wonder if Germany has a large stake in environmentally friendly products

Some things you know for certain like the sun will come up in the morning, if you don’t eat you get hungry and I would put in that group that trees are good for the environment.

I lived for five years in the mallee which is in the middle of victoria, Australia and had large deforestration for the wheat farms. In Fiji I come from cane farming areas which had significant deforestration. From what I know areas which have been deforested have less rain.

I love the rain as it cleanses the land so like us drinking water and besides that my understanding of trees is that it is a natural recycler of waste eg CO2. So it seems logical that to reduce the number of recyclers is not good especially when we are increasing the products that produce that waste C02.

Trees create oxygen which we breathe so logically reducing the number of trees is going to effect the amount of oxygen that is available for us to breathe.

Last year my son Jordan learn’t the importance of trees in school. It seems some eight olds may be have a clearer grip of reality then some scientists.

I live in suva which has a lot of trees and is much colder and has more rain then the sugar cane areas of fiji. I took the photo today and is taken from entrance area of my flat. You cant see but their is a small stoney creek at the bottom of the trees. When I purchase a digital camera I will replace the photo


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

Amazing to see such jungle greenery right in the suburbs of Suva! This is just so different from the suburbs of Melbourne, especially the newer ones on the outskirts where the houses are solid ugly squares of cement with almost no space for a garden so there are rarely tall trees.
I heard that scientist report about trees producing methane, but honestly we need our forests more and more. I am a Greenie at heart. We have two huge gum trees in our back yard.
In the old Fijian custom they just did not chop down the forests to make money. They would only cut down a tree as needed. When a new house was to be built for a chief. They waited until the little white-eye bird sang in the forest and then they would cut down a suitable tree for the kingposts of the new house.
I guess planting pine in Fiji is okay today, but I despair at the massacre of the old forests.

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