Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nike - Just Do It

The following story concern Phil's night influence on the University of Oregon. I have no problems with the influence he has over the track program as long as it has beneffited the University which he seems to have done. I only will have a problem if he used his influence unfairly treat someone that didnt deserve it.

The only time I had nike sneakers was when one of the boosters of our Aussie Rules team gave me a pair of second hand nikes. I used to come to training with sneakers with holes in them so he felt sorry for me.

I bought a nike bag last year and it felt cool carrying it. Nike is more about the image then the substance. I also had a cool nike cap that is now missing.

I am not sure about the sunglasses though but I have just noticed that wearing sunglasses makes you look younger.

Of the current shoe market I think the x-games crowd is undervalued and basketball crowd is overvalued. I like the way reebok is moving ie it is now rbk. I cant see nike dominate the way it used too and imo nike contracts for Tiger and Lebron are overvalued.


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