Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CmdrTaco responds to the Digg threat

CMDrTaco has written a detailed article and responding in the post, Something I can’t remember him doing for years. So I am guessing he is starting to see users moving away from Slashdot and to Digg is now responding

The biggest benefit Digg has over Slashdot is a quickly updated number of good quality links. The Slashdot model is submitters are vetted my Slashdot editors before the link is accepted then edited.

The dig model is more efficient in terms of not needing Slashdot editors and the links being showen will be the most popular links. So in terms of quality of links it is decided between digg users vs Slashdot editors.

The benefit of Slashdot is their comments but I am at a stage now were I would rather spend more time on learning something new eg reading a new link then spending time getting into details about the information which can usually be found in the Slashdot Comments.

For Slashdot to stem the losses they will have to change their submission policy similar to a digg model and increase the number of links being shown in a day. In my experience Slashdot would have around one to two pages worth of posts were as Digg would have at least five times the number.

One way is for users with good karma to be able vote on the Slashdot Submission and once it reaches a certain level the story is then posted on slashdot


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