Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chrysler CEO Tom lasorda

I just watched the bbc interview with tommy lasorda my take on the interview was

Ceo’s of fortune big car compainies seem to be changing Tommy Lasorda looks and sound very down to earth.

Main new vehicles for Chrysler are 2006 Challenger and chrysler Imperial. I actually like the look of GM's 2006 Camaro.

As being part of the DaimlerChrysler Chrysler and Mercedes share technology research for their cars which give them logical saving in the design of new cars

I have never been a passenger in a Mercedes car so not sure what all fuss is about but from what I remember Mercedes was known for quality. I have got a feeling that Japanase cars have caught up with the perception of quality. So I am guessing the main sales pitch for Mercedes cars is the status of the car

There are around 80,000 people relying on Chrysler.

Lasorda is a fourth generation worker at Chrysler and stated he want his children to work at Chrysler

Tommy Lasorda’s sales pitch seems to keep jobs of the current workers and the pensions of retirees. Chrysler main market is USA and as they cant compete in terms of quality and value against the Asian Car makers. This is a good pitch. To me a genuine sales pitch effects me more then the standard fair. Tommy Lasorda sounds genuine

Yesterday on BBC Radio I listened to the General Motors CEO talk about retirees willing to take cuts for the good of General Motors. I wonder how much impact retirees have on USA cars companies viability.

Wasn’t their a Los angeles dodgers coach tall tommy lasorda


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