Monday, January 09, 2006

PTI - Washington Redskins Roll On

Got home yesterday to find out that on espn Washington Redskins was playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After screeming in joy for around two minutes I started watching from the 2nd quarter. Nothing like watching something good that you didnt expect would be on.

I am an old redskins fans from the days of doug williams and the hogs. The only good influence of snyder is increasing NFL players salaries which is undervalued when compared to basketball players and the amount of damage they take.

I also dont like chucky as I am a raiders fan and it wasnt fair how we had to play him in the Superbowl final which has completely destroyed my team since.

Redskins vs Buccaneers was great game, great defence and what has happened to Arrington. I thought he was in the Joe Gibbes dog house. Lavar Arrington and Courntey brown must be one of worst 1-2 draft choices in recent years. That is why I can't understand how Houstan Texans will go against Vince young. If vince young was in that draft class wouldnt he be selected first. Houston is now disturbing me like espn did with "USC's place in history" segment.

Vince Young first mumbled in the Rose Bowl victory how he should be drafted by Houston Texans, he has intemediaries tell them he is going in the draft. If houston dont draft him he might aim for the third pick with Tennesee and haunt them for years in the AFC south

Chris simms did a much better job the Mark brunnel who reminded me how he sunk my fantasy team last year.

I remember reading that Sean Taylor was one the craziest players that miami college has produced and I can now see why. I hope he doesnt get suspended

I was hoping the jacksonville jaguars would win but left to the park after the second score. I didnt want to go through the pain.

Bengals why did you put a ban on chad johnson speaking to the media?

Giants why did you let eli manning attend all those press interviews?

It seems like the communication wires got crossed. Bengals need chad johnson to put media focus on him and Giants your media spokesman and mvp is Tikki Barber. He has already been dissed by not getting the NFL MVP you made it worse but not showing how important he is to the Giants


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