Monday, January 09, 2006

Political Ramblings - Arial Sharon

It looks like Arial Sharons political career may be over. I have totally changed my opinion about him over the years. I was watching BBC this morning and a lot of callers were disparaging him for his past. For me he has shown that factor that really separates a great leader from a politician. That factor is the ability to change you mind for the good of your people even though the people you are helping despise you.

If he cant come back for the next election this will negatively effect the kadima party. It might be time for new blood to take over Israel.

The berbers of morocco are now being taught Amazigh. The berbers can speak their indigenous language but are not able to write it. More proof of indigenous movements progress. I am not into PC but I think the term berber might be derogatory as it comes from the word babarian.

Language is so important to culture and I always lived under the creed "Language defines the way you think and what you can thing about"

I read a funny cartoon in the Fiji Time which read there is an epidemic of Bird flu stories. Is this virus being overblown?


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