Monday, January 09, 2006

Try Boys Basketball Final

One of our greatest sporting wins was at a local basketball tournament.. Myself, Robin, Andrew and Ben where in a team made up of Robin’s ex school mates and there friends. Majority of the time half of the other team turned up incapable!!

One thing about me and sports is I am very competitive and get very excited during games. My brothers Andrews, Robin and his best mate ben are also very competitive. So during games we do all the little things to try and make the team win like diving for loose balls, taking charges, rebounds fouls etc. We had two gun scorers who shot the majority of our points

There was one team that was undeafeted during the season and we played them in the final. We never got close to this team so before the game we got the team to watch Michael jordans “Come fly with me” for inspiration.

We were losing for the majority of the game but in the final minute we were down by one point without the ball. Our shortest player ended up doing a defensive stop and caused a jump ball with one of the opposition tallest players. We amazingly won the jump ball and then called a time out.

We knew the opposing team would be aiming for our gun scorer named buzz so Myself and Robin said give to Ben. From what I remember I received the inbound pass, buzz was waiting on the three point line. I passed it too Robin he drove then passed it to Ben who took in to the hoop and scored.

Game over, everyone jumping on each other, amazing feeling. Suprisingly we didn’t get wasted after the game

After posting the photo of our win I just sas that our team was called the hempers. You now know why the other members of the team were incapable.

Photo is Andrew, Ben, myself and Robin


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