Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why am I Sports Mad

Some might be interested in why I am crazy about sports and comment a lot on American sports.

I am the only one I know in fiji that plays fantasy sports and only take personal leave for the superbowl or my kids events.

Growing up in Australia you are expected to play sport. In primary school I competed in Athletics, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and actually won some awards for Australian Football.

In High School represented my school in Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Baseball and Australian Football. Outside school I competed in Tennis, Karate and Aussies Rules.

While at University I played Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Indoor Soccer, Baseball Raquetball and Aussies Rules.

After Uni I stopped playing sports and really just concentrated on working and computer related activities.

I really got into American sports because I was into black culture in High School and Black athlete seem to do well in American Sports. I have always been into reading non fiction and magazines so was regular at the mobile library in Hopetoun, Geelong Library, Deakin University Library, Wellington Library and University of South Pacific Library. Majority of the books/magazines I read were sport, computer or business related

Some of my favourite weekends would be to catch a one hour train trip to the main city Melbourne and go to the second hand books shops to look for US sports magazines eg Sports Illustrated and Inside sport. One of my favourite magazines was dick vitale yearly book with Sean Elliot in the cover.

So all my US sports information were usually years late so to be able to watch a college bowl game or NFL game live is still special for me.

So I have no fear about commenting about American sports or sports in general as I have been following American sports for more then 20 years and sport has been a major part of my life since I can remember.

And this blog is called “Really” so some of the statements may be out there


Blogger Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey there, nice to meet another Southern Hemispherian who has an interest in American sports. I find myself quite preoccupied with my picks during the NFL season and post season (GO STEELERS), and with my one fantasy football team.

Anywho, have a good one.

5:38 pm  

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