Saturday, January 07, 2006

How Pay-Per-Click Is Killing the Traditional Publishing Industry

Apologise to people coming from Google blog as I tried to change the title from killing to destroying so no public service ads were shown. What happened is that on this link it was being sent to a 404. The following is the original post

Cringely is my favourite tech writer and his laterst article Stop the presses talks about how pay per click is the killing the traditional publishing industry.

The main point in cringley's article is that before advertisers never really wanted to know how many people read there ads but contrast this to pay-per-click, which is brutally honest, where every successful ad has efficacy and advertisers have a pretty darned good idea what they are getting for their money. This reality is precisely why magazines, newspapers, and television are losing revenue to pay-per-click.

For me I have stopped reading magazines and never read adds on the internet until I was involved in blogging. Main reason is that google made it so easy for people to create adds for their websites.

As the google blog is asking for comments. Besides keep on doing the good work and keep following the ideal "Do no evil". My comments are
  1. Can you enable sitemap for us Bloggers as I am still not sold on the value of pinging sitemaps using rss feeds.
  2. When doing a search for fiji in Blog Search it is giving repetative hits for Weather in Fiji. People will only look at the results that fit one screen so I suggest to consolidate many posts from one blog into one blog result
  3. For the google search it would be better to include one listing for the best result from the last week so you at least have some fresh content.

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