Friday, January 06, 2006

I am back blogin

Back in my main office again. The go live went better then expected, I have really got a good team. Main issues where citrix load balaning and the POS that we developed. POS is now stable though. Amazing created a POS as add-on and it is functions well 4 day after go live. We actually created around 6 add-ons so there is a joke that SAP bsns 1 is the add-on.

Blog was averaging more then 150 hits from Google Blog but now is averaging around 20 mainly through searches.

My emenem poster test did not work and no one has found my txt message blog.

Heaps of things I want to write about. looks like my brother and father also want to include some of their stories which should add some unique content to this blog. Can tell that I dont take after my mother in terms of writing


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