Friday, January 06, 2006

Rose Bowl - Vince Young 1st Round draft choice

Missed the USC vs Texas Rose Bowl game as I was working so just watched the sportcenter highlights at 1am in the morning.

Was going to post my prediction of Texas Longhorns winning the Rose Bowl on the back of Vince Young but was gutless thinking that USC had a good chance of winning.

Bill Simmons has got a good play play analysis of the game. He is getting like real sport writers though by creating talking points for the sake of talking points. No way can you disrespect Pete Carrol for what he has done at USC. To me why would you want to change the way someone coaches when his record is something like 46 and 3 and those three losses are three points or less.

I had forgotten about Vince youngs throwing action. Point is defensive lineman will have around 1 foot less to block. So it will be like facing doug flutie as quarterback

Vincent young will become the first round draft choice by the Housten Texans. Vince is from Houston and there will be an uprising if he is not selected. If I was Houston I might think about trading down. Leinart is a better fit a New Orleans and Bush would be a good running back for the Titans.

Young is a winner and reminds me of Joe Montana when playing for notre dame. He will change the culture of the Texans something that bush will not be able to do. How many superbowls did gale sayers, barry sanders and walter payton win.

Like I said before bad karma for Reggie Bush and USC place in history lovers

Blowing my horn I posted Young should have been the heisman winner, USC is not one of the best 5 teams in history and young should be drafted above leinart and bush

Lofa Tatupu would have significantly reduced Vince Young yards but Vince young is a winner


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