Friday, December 30, 2005

First Blog link and the use of the n-word

First welcome to jake who is my first proper external link at

In the post where he links to me he brings up the n- word. I had an opposite experience to jake. I went to school in Australia where myself and my brothers were the only people of color at our primary school and at high school there was another pakastini and papa new guine family. I was actually thought of as an aborigine in high school.

So growing up I was very interested in black leaders, causes, media, athletes etc. That was before black behaviour was seen as cool. There was only a few racist incidents I witnessed in Australia and New Zealand and it was only when I came home that I was subjected to weekly incidents.

The n- word is accepted in Fiji for black americans, This mainly comes from the media and whenever someone says it (fijian/indian) I tell them that it is word that I find offensive.

The main issue I have with n- type issues is the current reverse racism that is going on in America, an example of this is on an ESPN Sportcenter special I watched last week which showed the struggles of a black hockey team. That is all good but it showed the african american players stating how they wanted to play so they could put some whiteys in hospital then go holy when being offended by some of the statement from opposing players. The sportcaster looks on looking how hard it must of been for them.

A good current sports link on this issue is wojciechowski commenting on tony dungies eulogy. He told his players about sending the right message to children. As the current message from Black stars is not productive.

The best part of the article is the following though
A few days ago, I was working out in the weight room of a local health club. A half dozen or so football players from a nearby suburban Chicago high school walked in, popped in a CD, cranked up the volume and began their lifting routine.

I did nothing as the wall speakers spat out the N-words and f-bombs. I said nothing as the players -- who were James Dungy's age or so -- mouthed the words, all of them, to the song. Instead, I finished my own workout, shook my head in amazement and walked out of the room.

But if there is a next time, I'm going to do what Dungy said to do. I'm going to be bold. I'm going to tell them a man doesn't need to recite the N-word in an upstairs gym to validate his coolness. A man doesn't need to set a land-speed record for curse words. After all, how can you respect others if you don't first respect yourself?

For me it doesnt matter what race your are if you say something offensive it is still offensive and I will try be bold.


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