Friday, December 30, 2005

Fiji - Duck Curry

On tuesday I attended a training session and after that one our workmates cooked a duck curry. I have only eaten duck once before in woks restaurent and it was bad experience. To many bones and not enough meat.

This guy cooked the curry at our christmas party which is always good but this duck curry tasted a bit like his lamb curries but different. It was one of the best curries in my life with large chunks of duck meat.

Live duck cost $30 in nausori and you paid an extra $5 for them to kill and then dress it. I cant really tell the difference between meat from just slaughtered animals and meat from the supermarket.

Strangely I have trouble differenting lamb chops from beef steaks. But I can easily differentiate between lamb and beef sausages. I will only eat beef sausages but that may change going forward.

One of my university break jobs was to work in an abitour and my job was to pick up all the left over pieces that get grinded into sausage. So I know what goes into a sausage


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