Wednesday, December 28, 2005

ScarFace Poster

I have got this great tool called google desktop and when I installed it there was this plug in called photos that I really liked. It performed a slideshow of all your favourite photos.

Problem was I didnt have many photos so I ended up getting a nokia camera phone from the pawn shop (That was a dodgy experience) and started taking pictures of the family. Still I didnt have enough photos so I ended up going to the site which has an amazing collection of photos/art/posters.

I want to included one photo every day in this blog and I was thinking about writing about some of the posters so I might as well start with the most famous poster which is the Scar Face Poster.

The most famous scarface posters are of tony montana standing up but I like this poster because of the mantra "The world is yours". I am always of the attitude to try and get as much as you can from life.

Scarface was in my top top five mafia movies mainly because it was good rags to riches story, seemed like it was possible and the action scenes were down well.


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