Monday, December 19, 2005

Top five movies in each category

When I look for a movie review I look for someone that has similar favourite movies.

In my experience a person with similar favourite movies gives a better probability that their review will be of use to me.

So I am guessing that if you like my favourite movies then my reviews in the future may be of some use.

The Following Is My Top Five Movies In Each Category.

Top five Tarrantino movies are Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Reservior Dogs,
Sin City and Kill Bill

Top four Gangsta/Gangs films are Warriors, Menace To Society, The outsiders and Run Baby Run

Top Four mafia films are Godfather 1/2, Scarface, Carlito’s Way, Goodfella’s and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Top five War movies are Platoon, First Blood, Great Escape, Dirty Dozen and Full Metal Jacket

Top Fantasy movies are Lord Of The Rings, King Kong and Lost Boys

Top Science Fiction movies re Matrix, Star Wars - 2, Blade Runner, Terminator and Mad Max 3

Top Dramas are Once We Were Warriors, Usual Suspects, To Kill A Mockingbird, American Buety and The Shawshank Redemption

Top Westerns are Still Call Me Trinity, Unforgiven, The Magnicificant Seven, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids and Tombstone

Top five Karate/Kung Fu movies are Billy Jack, Lone Wolf Mcwade, Kickboxer, Return Of The Dragon and the Shaoleen Temple

To five Comedies are Blazing Saddles, all early Eddie Murphy movies, Shaoleen Soccer,
Something About Mary and shrek

Top five medival movies are Braveheart, Gladiators, Spartucus, Princess Bride and excalibur

Top five Sword And Socery movies are Highlander, Conan the Barbarian, Krull and Beast Master

Top Musicals are Purple Rain, Beat Street, Eight Miles, Breakin and Grease

The top movies when I was a kid were The Sound Of Music, ET, Mary Poppins, Muppet Movie and Wizard Of OZ (Michael Jackson Version)

The top movies based on Comic Book Films are Spiderman, Batman Begins, x-men, Superman and Judge Dread

The top Thrillers are La Confidential, Memento, Lord Of War and training days

Top Five Basketball Movies are Hoosiers, Hoop Dreams, Come fly with me (Michael Jordan), White Men cant Jump and Rebound: The legend of goat

Top Five Baseball Movies are Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, Bad news bears and Don’t look back the story of saitchel paige

Top Five American Fooball Movies are Rudy, Every Given Sunday, The program, Remember the Titans and Friday night lights

Top four Boxing Films are Rocky 3, Mike Tyson’s Greatest Hits, Kid Gallaher and Every which way but loose

Other Sports videos are Hustler, Breaking Away, Karate Kid, The color of money and Jerry Mcguire

The Sports Comedies are Major League, Waterboy, Caddy Shack, Happy Gilmore and the The Replacements

Top three action dvd's are Le Femme Nikita, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Moonraker

Going forward I will include a link in all the above films to a post with all the best comments and quotes on each of the films


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