Sunday, December 18, 2005

First Week of blogging at Really

So I have finished my first week of blogging. The following is my experiences in my aim of being a self sufficient blogger.

  1. I have around 100 unique visitors in the last week. I dont think I have had any repeat viewers and nearly all of the visitors are from Blogger clicking on next random blogger
  2. I have had a few searches from Technorati and one from MSN
  3. The only search engine I have been able to be indexed on is MSN even though I have been submitting my url each day
  4. The current adsense earnings which I am proud of is $0.07. It will have to increase by around 20,000 times to meet my current weekly salary but that 7 cents has given me more satisfaction
  5. Started to get disullusioned yesterday but am better again today as the blog rank has nearly halfed on technorati
  6. Linking from Digg as a blogger did not help at all
  7. From all what I have read and seen you really have to speciliase on a topic which is something I am not willing to do
  8. I am going on the "build it and they will come premise" on PTI information as I have not been able to find a site that discusses that info regurlarly
  9. Due to my grammar limitations I am going for a more rambling style made of small two/three line comments. This is how I like to read new issues and expect it to be more prevalent going forward
  10. I have decided to specialise in three subjects each day with ramblings of main points from yahoo, digg and technorati buzz index with links and best comments on those issues


Blogger George said...

After 8 days google has finally indexed this blog. Now my unique viewers are evening out between blogsport and searches

11:31 am  
Blogger George said...

Changed the template and didnt realise that I took adsence of the template.

Need to be able to find time to start routine that I have for blogging. Currently everything is to ad hoc

6:47 pm  

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