Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bill Simmons, Daunte Caulpeper and other Sports Ramblings

Just read the latest Sports Guy Column which was good as usual. Very diplomatic take on the possibility of Roger Clements going to the Red Sox.

All the Sports Guys columns are being archived in espn Insider, what would happend if I pasted them here to be archived. If I could be 1/4 as interesting as the Bill Simmons I would be happy

Main topic on PTI - Pardon the Interuption today was Daunte Culpepper charge and how it going to effect the vikings. I dont like the idea of punishing someone just because the were charged and also punished for a lap dance. I think they are trying to find ways to get rid of Daute's because of his new mega salary and they have found a better replacement.

I see Alex Rodriguez is wimping out in making a choice to either play for USA or Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. I would bet that he wants to play for the Republic but doesnt want PR loss. Why do sport commentator keep thinking he is the best player in Baseball. To me he is a bad luck charm and one of my arguing talking points when debating why team chemistry is so important in teams winning championships.

The World Baseball classic is looking good and I am interested in it but Cuba not entering the tournament is a huge loss.

If there was an african team in the baseball classic I could see Barry Bonds saying that he wants to play in that team.

Watched a BBC documentary on a new replacement to formula one called A1. Racing teams will be based on coutries, have the same vehicle. Problem with having the same vehicle means it will be harder to pass but the kicker is there is turbo swith in the cars. All us players with a need for speed background have to love this. I know I will be watching it so see how this A1 league plays out

Have to disregard last week loss of San Diega has it was a classic case of looking at the next game and not focusing on the current game. So I see them with a good change against the Colts.

Tuisasopo killed my Fantasy football team last week, I going back with Bledsoe as my starting quarterback.


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