Thursday, December 15, 2005

Manually adding a URL link in five easy steps

If you are a blogger and not interested in html code, I suggest that at the very minum you learn how to manually enter code to create a link to another url or page in your blog

In the example below we are going to show how to add link using html code. So creating a link that will link to this blog by clicking on the text "Really"

So in the "Edit html page" it will read
< href="">Really< /a>
which will look like the following in the blog post

The five steps in manually creating a link
1. Type "< a href=" what this is telling the browser that a link is coming
2. Type the url of the link ""
3. Type ">" wiht is closing the reference of the link
4. Type the description that is going to be showen to represent the link eg "Really". It is the text the will be underlined and when clicking will open up the new url you are trying to link.
5. Type "< /a>" to finish the html code

As you can see the "<> finished the html code

After you have saved your changes run a preview to open the newly generated link in a new tab/session

The key is perserverence, keep trying changing difference options and If you are still having problems email me your code and I will help you.

Note after the < bracket I have added a space which needs to be deleted until I work out a way of viewing html code as normal text

Good Luck


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