Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Increasing Traffic to my Blog

The following factors are what I am guessing will help increase traffic to this blog which I will expand on later/comments
1. Identify a good blogging site for your blog
2. Increase ranking for search words on search engines mainly google
3. Have good literacy skills
4. Stick to a specific topic
5. Be interested in what you write about
6. Guerilla marketing
7. Create good content and archives eg How To's
8. Get linked from a major website
9. Include RSS feeds
10. Have other contributers
11. Keep it simple

The above is a dynamic list which will change once I have more experience in blogging. In the end I guessing there will be two posts one concerning getting traffic to a blog and the second is to keep viewers.


Blogger George said...

I read and interesting article on techniques of increasing page views on the blog which can be summarised below

1. Highlight Related Posts
2. Interlink within Posts
3. Highlight Key Posts and Categories in your Blog’s
4. Compilation Pages
5. Series of posts
6. Excerpts on Front Pages
7. Enable links in RSS Feeds
8. Search Function
9. Build an Interactive Blog
10. Quality Content
11. Large number of Posts

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Blogger George said...

The following links are tips to increase pageviews

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