Monday, December 12, 2005

Home Alone

Me and bale (wife) spent the first night alone for several months. The two boys are in Nadi with their mother Sala. Bale's one year old nephew, aunt and cousin left yesterday.

One thing about living in a pacific household is that it is always full of people.

My oldest son jordan was given to me by my brother Robin. It is a custom in fiji where family members can ask other Family member for there children. So me and Bale have been looking after jordan since he was two months old.

My brother Robin died tragically in an accident a few years later so we ended up looking after Robin's second son Andrew. Robin's accident was on of the most trajic periods of my life and I will expand on this later. I was one year older then Robin and he followed me back to Fiji.

Jordan is now 8 and andrew is 6 and I dont know what they would think about living on a beach. They are so use to watching cartoons and playing networked computer games.


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