Monday, December 12, 2005

Why take Christ out of Christmas?

For me I dont really get why people start changing the name of christmane to xmas, holiday etc. Probably that is one of the conservative aspects of me is I can only refer to christmas holidays as christmas.

It is one of only a few things that really bother me is when people refer to Christmas as xmas. I would probably only support a name change if it was for a totally different holiday on a different day. This argument to me is similar to some countries not accepting the red cross so needing to change it to the red crescen, etc. What happens if people are opposed to the color red.

Article on why take christ out of christmas and futher comments by me on the issue


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to feel the same way about "Xmas" until I took Greek and learned a bit more about it... In greek Christ is spelled "Xristos", and 16th century Christians were the ones who started to use Xmas as shorthand for Christmas. (this site has a paragraph about it: )

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