Sunday, December 11, 2005

Finlands Economy

I watched an interesting BBC documentary on economic models for EU countries. It ended up stating that Finland had the best scenario by both keeping it social welfare programs and liberising its economy. I wish it was true but I think the nokia factor has to much influence in how Finlands economy works, would Finland be still in the same situation if Nokia wasn’t as big as it was. I remember reading somewhere that nokia employs the majority of its population.

There are only a limited number of successful global companies. So I am guessing there aren’t enough global companies that can prop up the number of countries in the world.

I am all for government paying for High School and University if it can afford too as I was a recipient of this in Australia and would not have completed a degree if this was not available. I think it would be an interesting topic to expand on on how do you prioritise what government should spend its limited resources on.

I am of the belief that instead of worrying so much of how we should split a pie we should spend more resources in how bake a bigger pie.

In Fiji I believe the most important resource is its people and any moral way of increasing the value of the people I am all for it.


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