Saturday, December 10, 2005

Google Adsense

Just received an email from google adsense saying that they have accepted my application to include adds in this blog.

This process was over in less then two hours so I am guessing that it was automated. I have only really been adding content for the last day so I am guessing they are accepting all applications.

Google must run a program that can check if it meets its guidelines, not sure how they can check for adult content though. I am guessing there program could do that to it.

One of my earlier projects I was planning to do was to write an operating system that can update it self which I consider the most important factor in creating AI. Funny how a lot things that are happening with Google and it systems is what I was thinking would happen if I was able to complete that project.

I read an article by Eric Shmidt on how the more people discussing an issue the better probability the answer will have to succeed. I have similar beliefs as long there is wide range of different people with different "world" views.

Brings up the point what other better resource then to be able to access a large range of view on issues then from people on the internet especially blogs and who is best able to do that?. So if Google was able to somehow mine all different views they should have a better understanding of the probability of things on a large number of issues. Would that be evil to do that??


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