Saturday, December 10, 2005

Increasing traffic to a blog

Wondering last night what would be the way to increase traffic to a blog. I dont like the idea of putting other peoples blogs on a blog as it takes up to much space.

When I try and search for my name George Kalouvou I am only able to find one url so I am not sure how fast Googel updates its indexes for information at blogspot.

So every day I am going to include a unique phrase and then later on I will include the time I fist found it in Google.

I am also going to spell some words the way it sound so beside covering up my bad english skills it will minimise the available results in Google searches. I wonder if this is against the adsense policy


Blogger George said...

Changed my name to be registered name as I realised it might not go down well on how much time I have been spending on this blog on the last few days

11:03 am  

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