Saturday, December 10, 2005

PTI- Soccer

Pardon the interuption is my favourite show on TV, so I will be commenting on some of there shows.

Wilbourn was replaced by dan leotard and it was one of the best shows for a while. Usually if one of kornheiser or wilbourne is replaced the show becomes unwatchable. I think korhizer is the key to the show

Topic of why US sports presenters dont like soccer. I dont like watching soccer either but there is something different about the world cup.

One of my worst sporting losses was when Australia lost to Iran and best was Australia beating Uraguy. For me the best sports I like to watch involve a lot of competition and violence.

Soccer there is no violence but you cant beat the competition in terms of so many people supporting different countries. eg my team winning against teams supported by so many different people.

I have got a feeling that presenters just dont want to know about soccer and in this example rather break down the dancing with stars.


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