Sunday, December 11, 2005

Condeeleza Rice

I am not really sure about her but one thing I can tell by the way people react to her is that people like and seems to respect her. So far I thing she is an honest person and I am a person that has worked with corrupt people without letting it effect me. So I don’t jugde her by her friends and work mates.

I have heard that Condoleeza Rice is a possible presidential candidate. I cant see that happening first I don’t think she will get the black support as her family was part of the black establishment in Alabama that boycotted the Bus Boycott. I also think there is as significant number of Republican/Democratic voters that will not accept a black person as president. I am sure this will change when my generation and younger make up the large majority of the population.

The above must sound hypocritical as I wont judge her by friends but accept other people judging her because of her families decision.


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