Saturday, December 10, 2005

Middle East

If I am going to talk about politics might as well start with the hardest political question which is what is happening in the middle east.

Firstly I think the mess in the Middle East is biggest political thing effecting the global village.

As a person that has fought for indigenous rights I think what is happening in Israel is a good sign in that the Palestine are getting their land back. If you look at indegenous rights over the last few years you can see that the indeginous people have been winning a lot of political battles and are in a much better state then previous decades. The world view has changed on this issue so in the end Israel views will change which is what is happening now.

I am sure many israelis will consider themselve indigenous, but my view of indigenous are the people that were living on the land for X generations before occupation

Palestinians will have to realise though that we do live in a global village with property rights so a meme such as kicking people out of their homes is not acceptable and israelis have a right to live in israel.

Once the Israil/Plantinian compromise is in place that is acceptable to the majority of them, Then I can see this will significantly reduce other problems facing the area.

The quicker other countries get away from the dependancy on oil the less likely they will want to meddle in the countries with oil business. I wonder what would have happened if those resource were used for ethanol research etc. In fact I wish more press was given to this. Not until yesterday did I realise the ethanol was an economic alternative


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