Sunday, December 11, 2005

NLTB Christmas Party

I was a manager Native Land Trust Board for over five years and worked their for over 10 years. I was invited to their Christmas party last night. It wanted to go but didn’t for reasons I might expand on later.

Growing up my father always told us to get our education in Australia and then come back and work in Fiji. This is something that was always in my mind and when given the opportunity I took a 50% pay cut to come and work at NLTB. To realise why I saw this as a great undertaking was that NLTB administers 80% of land in Fiji for the indigenous people of Fiji and has a great impact on my extended family.

It is now questionable if my influence in that organisation has been positive or significantly negative which is a downer. But I don’t regret coming back to Fiji or the majority of my actions while being here


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