Sunday, December 11, 2005

Build it and they will come

Okay I have started my blog and one thing I forgot to mention is that I am hoping!! That for whatever reason people will like to read what I am saying so that I will be in a position to live on my beach on the proceeds of this blog. That would probably be around $20 US a day. I need to work out how many visits on this blog for that to happen.

I have got the opportunity of putting a resort on my beach but I know that will be a lot of work and will eat up into my surfing time. I can also supplement my income with cane farming as the beach is surrounded by cane farms. But if anyone has cut cane manually must know that it is one of the worst manual jobs.

I know this blog is scattered in many different topics and issues, but if I specialise on a specific topic then its not what I want to do and it would seem like work.

I might end up splitting this blogs into different blogs mainly sport and myself/politics.


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