Sunday, December 11, 2005

Increasing Traffic to the Blog

I first was introduced to Google at Slashdot when it was still at Stanford. Later on I realised that I was hooked as part of the guerrilla marketing campaign.

When NLTB was to create a website in 2000 I thought what was the best way to increase it rank on Google because I thought they would end up being the major player in searches. So what I did was look at all the main sites from a google search with Native Land or Fiji. I emailed the administrators of the site and asked them to link to NLTB’s website. After this exercise the NLTB was the first site chose when searcing for Native Land. It now second since I left NLTB. .

The point is, I now need to work out a way how increase traffic to this blog. I suppose more importantly once someone finds this site they will need reason to stay.

On that note I still am not able to find "George Kalouvou" using Google so this blog has not been indexed. I think what I will try and do is put this site on a link I know that will be indexed and see if the blog gets indexed.


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