Sunday, December 11, 2005

Billboard Awards

I watched the Billboard awards last night. I must be getting old as I didn’t know half the names of the presenters. It seems the music and production values of an awards show has gone to shit or my musical tastes have changed.

When I was in high school I used to teach rap dancing and was in a crew but these rapper just don’t seem the same. The only good rap song was Daddy Yankee a latin rapper who sounded good to me. Funny how the music collection I am listening too is now less rap and more rock.

It also seems the Country which I used to despise is sounding more like rock bands then rock bands which is sounding more pop. .

Wife asked if Marey Carey was pregnant and whats the deal with her not having to sit with the rest of the guests. The story of her being a control freak was really showen when she hinted that she is going to sack the person who entered the names in her pda. Needing a person to type the names of people to thank in her PDA is pretty bizarre.


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